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If you are planning a training session and would like some “Bomber” company, let us know where and when you are training, so other Bombers can join you.

The Bombers

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  1. Hi, I would like to find a running group as we recently moved to Bryanston. I would be in the B-Group, as I am not that fast, but have recently rediscovered my passion for running. Is there a group I could join? Thanks, Rita

    • Hi Rita
      Come and join us and don’t worry too much about pace. There is only one group but the faster runners turn back to ‘fetch’ slower runners, so no one is left behind.
      All you need to do is come to one of the morning runs to meet the gang. Best is Tuesday or Thursday at 5:00. Be a few minutes early so you can introduce yourself.
      Cheers Iano

      • Hi Iano
        I am going to join tomorrow at 5am. Going to try and aim to do every tuesday and thursday :)

      • Hi Natalie. Awesome! You’ll really enjoy it. I won’t be there, but look out for Gill, Leigh, Terry. They are a great bunch to run with! Iano

  2. Good day,

    I would like to join your guys on your morning runs, however I am worried that I will get left behind. I run around 6 min a km, would this be sufficient.

    Thanks and regards,

    • Hi Antoinette
      Come and join us and don’t worry too much about pace. The faster runners turn back to ‘fetch’ slower runners, so no one is left behind.
      All you need to do is come to one of the morning runs to meet the gang. Best is Tuesday or Thursday at 5:00. Be a few minutes early so you can introduce yourself.
      Cheers Iano

    • Hi Antoinette

      I am also keen to find runners who will run at 6mins per km. perhaps we could run together if we find the bombers too quick. Maybe even until we get faster? :)


  3. Hi runners. 

    Are there any changes to the morning running schedule due to comrades being so close? I am not doing the comrades but would like to get back into my running and I don’t want to show up at BMC one morning and find no one there..



    • Hi Natalie. There is still a good group running that are not doing Comrades. Tuesday and Thursday there is generally a big crowd, so come one one of those days.

  4. Hi Iano Thanks for your reply. I would come and join you for tom mornings run..


  5. Hi Everyone
    We moved here from the UK in January. I am a regular runner and is getting really frustrated that I am not able to continue running as in the UK. I have been running on my own on the road, but never feels completely safe. I have considered joining you for the morning runs, but since there are no contact details I have been reluctant to get up and then potentially nobody has turned up. I am also concerned that I won’t be able to keep up with the pace of the regular runners. I would appreciate a response / someone getting in touch.
    Kind regards

    • Hi Marelize

      Please do come and join us any time shown on the running schedule. We are training fir Comrades so there will be someone. Gill Leigh or Izelle should be there most days.

      Don’t worry about being left behind. We have a great culture of “fetching” runners at the back – not that you’ll be there ‘-)

      Cheers Iano

    • Hi Marelize

      At what sort of pace do you run? I am also worried about being left behind. I run at about 5:30-6mins per km.

      I am also very keen to start running regularly.


  6. Hello Everyone,

    We are running from the church (BMC) at 6:15 on the 21st March (Thursday) and run for around 90 min. After this, we will walk across the road to have a cup of coffee at Junipas with Sylvia, who celebrates her 30th.

    Hope you can make the run, if not, just come for coffee/breakfast.

    If you want to run a little less, Terry, MJ and Sue Naude will be starting a little later and running around 8km.

    Please sms Sylvia on 0828440523 if you can make it, so she can book a table.

    Kind regards, Gill

  7. Hi I live in Durban where I run with Stella AC and am training for the Two Oceans ultra. My parents live in Bryanston and I will be visiting them for the weekend before the race. Is it ok for me to join the Sunday run? I just ran PMB 42 and am now a week behind in training due to some foot pain, so will need to fit in one last long run.


    • Hi Jamie

      You are most welcome to join any of the runs. The Sunday run is the RAC club run and all you need to do is arrive at the club and join the run. The club run starts at 6:00 at Old Parktonians club, which is in Bordeaux.


  8. Hi,
    Wednesday morning runs now start from Devonshire Park at 4:30 AM (Cambridge Road). It will be a 15km run finishing at 6AM back at the park.
    Cheers, Gill

  9. Hi
    Have recently moved to bryanston and would like to get into a more formal running program and group.
    Im still at a very novice level so would like to run with similar people.

    Is bryanston bombers a open group/club, any fees etc
    Who can i speak to you to arrange?

    • Hi Craig. The Bombers aren’t a running club. We are a group of runners that are a bit more organised than most – maybe. We meet at BMC church generally at 5:00 to run and u are welcome to join. Look on the schedule to see where we run.


      • Thanks Iano

        Will have a look at the schedule and make a plan to come run.
        What are the levels like, im no experienced runner (have done a couple half marathons) so dont want to be holding the pack up etc?

    • Goodday

      am interested in runnung, havent doen so in may years, so very unfit, bt would like join a running group. are you open to new unfit members joining

      • Hi Rue.

        We are not a formal running club, but just an organised group of runners. You are welcome to join any of our runs.

        You may also want to join the RAC time trial on a Tuesday evening at 17:30. There are runners of all levels there.

  10. Hello All,

    Happy New Year! Just a note to remind everyone that Wedneday runs are back at the park starting at 4:30.


  11. Hi!
    I am a wanna-be-runner! I am quite unfit at the moment, but would love to start running. Do you by any chance have a beginngers group who runs together?

  12. I cannot run the Johnson crane marathon so plan to do the Akasia marathon in Pretoria on Sat. 22 Jan so that I can at least do a marathon in Jan. Being early in the year it will be a SLOW run but if anyone wants to catch a lift with me, please shout. Mark.

    • Hi Mark,

      Are you guys running at 4:30am tomorrow? Do you mind if I join you guys once in a while?


      • Hi Meg,
        At this stage Friday mornings are still a 5.00am start. After 2oceans we usually change to a 4.30 start to prepare for comrades. Please join us on the other mornings as well !

  13. Hi Guys

    This December holidays, I’ll be down in the Eastern Cape at Kenton-on-sea from 19th Dec to 31st Dec.

    I’ll have my bike and will be cycling, running and swimming – lots. If you are in the area, let me know and we can get together.

    Wynne will also be in Kenton from the 26th December until sometime in Jan.


  14. I am going to run the Kaapsehoop Marathon in Nelspruit on the 6 November 2010. Is anyone else going who might be able to suggest possible accomodation?

  15. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have just recently moved from East London to Bryanston and am looking for opportunities to run. I am mainly interested in keeping fit and I try to run 10-15km per week. More if time available. Occasionally I take part in 10/15/21km races and once a year I am trying to run a marathon 42k.
    I have no idea where to run in this big city envrionment and wonder wether you could help me.

    Many thanks.

  16. Hi Lucia
    We are not a formal running club, but merely a group of like minded individuals – that have managed to get a bit organised.
    Come and join us on a Tuesday or Thursday at BMC at 05h00 – details can be found here http://bryanstonbombers.wordpress.com/directions/

  17. Hi,
    Please can somebody contact me about joining your running club in this area.
    My numbers are 011.7066905/082.8573911
    Many thanks

  18. Hi, just to let u know that a few people will be cutting short tomorrows run to do only 45 min, if anyone else feels like a shorter run.

  19. Hi Guys – have you noticed that Comrades have confirmed the official distance for this year and it`s 110 metre further!! Damn, now I`m going to miss my goal time!! ( PS – which is just to finish and make us G batch plodders proud!)

    • Hi Mark
      There are many ways to handle an extra 110 meters:
      Arrive a little earlier and get to the front of G-Batch, which will save you probably 2 mins over those at the back – more than enough time to cover 110 meters.
      Approaching it with a positive mental attitude, knowing that you have an extra 110 meters to waive to your supporters will also make it worth the while.
      You are more than well enough prepared to run this Comrades well under 10:30, so just go and enjoy the race.

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