2010 is Here!

From Terry:

Hello friends,

Happy New Year to you all and those we haven’t seen! Here’s wishing each of you a wonderful happy, healthy and most enjoyable 2010- it will be certainly be soccer (and running J) fever for a while….! The good news is the soccer fever reaches it peak just after the running fever reaches it peak ….so soccer fans you don’t need to get stressed…

To those doing Half Iron Man next weekend – I only recall Roan is doing it (?) and he in is in awesome shape –the best of luck – hope it is a cracker!

Birthdays in January – Kate’s on 10th ! Many Happy Returns Kate! If you are doing Kudu’s- enjoy it and have a great day! ( If there is anyone with a birthday in Jan or Feb please let me know!)

The program till May 2010.

1. Beneath the session in the program, it includes the races in North and Central Gauteng as well as all the RAC Club runs.

2. You can trash it ,just use it for the quality sessions only or adapt it to suit your needs. Remember you can always do much lower intensity on any quality session if you are tired, injured or preparing for a race.

3. For those who did last year’s program , it is pretty much the same and is aimed at achieving a Bill Rowan for Comrades . I have adjusted it in the first couple of months to swop two of the Tues / Thurs sessions around and have toned it down here and there based on experience with it last year. You will also see I have included distance for the quality sessions, that is for practicality when we are on the track. Adapt it to suit your own goals – such as adjusting the intensity and/or the number of repetitions on the quality sessions or the length of time on the easy runs. If there are any typo errors – just drop me a note…thanks !

4. It is based on time on your legs and not distance and is 5 days a week. Given our mentality to the club runs, races and our obsession in SA with mileage J, I did find the time based requirement hard to follow on the weekends and also because my rest day is usually a Saturday – so last year Leigh and I tried to fit in a bit extra on a weekday run instead of the Saturday run. Where necessary , we then added on to some club runs which gave us more time on the legs as per the Sunday runs time.

5. Long Slow Distance (LSD) is important for comrades!!! My previous coach ( way back when) would remind me – approx. 60-70% of your runs should be easy..

6. A piece of advice I picked up in last year’s runners world – don’t loose focus of your long term goal (this was in the context of the goal being Comrades) to gain shorter term successes!

7. NB. NEXT WEEK , the Wednesday sessions start at 4.30am.

As always , below is extracts of Iano “words of wisdom” to help you with your running!:-

  • For comrades, the most important run is the long run – it should be run slower than predicted race pace
  • Next important is the tempo run, which should get longer and longer (Terry –program gets up to 40min but there are sessions where this has been reduced or been swopped for a shorter harder session – also tempo can be done on other long runs).
  • Hills are important – build up the reps and length of the hills.(Terry –Progam -the length is the same but we build up the reps- we may add on an extra min in April but will see how we are doing at that point in time)
  • Intervals are probably the least important. best to get to the track for these. Doing intervals on the road has a number of detractors: 1. People tend to take them too easy, which negates any effect that you might get from them. 2. If run correctly on the road, the chances of picking up and injury are much higher. (Terry -Practically we try and stay on the track but when it gets dark and we can’t see itt anymore – we are on the road)
  • warm-up /down. I like to do a 15 to 20 min warm-up before doing anything strenuous. 5-10 mins is too short and people will either not do the work properly or worse, they will get injured. As the sessions get longer, you may need to start earlier to get the full session in. (Terry -we will monitor this – we could start at 4.45 to get a 20min warm up when we increase tempos, intervals and hills ).
  • gym sessions are good to help strengthen for the run.
  • stretching is really important. The more mileage you put on, the greater the focus you need to put on stretching and recovery.
  • This weekend at the club run, Doug and I ran with Arnie Gheerts. Do you remember before the 2005 Comrades, he did a visualisation talk. He’s offered to come and do it for a group again this year and I think Doug will arrange at Morningside. This is one way that you can easily improve performance without spending hard time on the road. I’m keen to do something on this again this year, so maybe we could do some group sessions. (Terry – Iano/Doug llet us know)

Finally, Iano has an idea about a blog site and has been working it for the Bryanston Bombers !!!– As soon as it is sorted we will send out the details – thanks Iano a really cool idea !!. PS. This means all the information, such as the program , running races, other information , articles of interest, birthdays etc can be loaded on to the blog and you will be able to communicate with each other. The good news is you won’t have to endure my e mails !!

Have a great weekend – those doing Kudu’s -enjoy the first race of the year !! For those still on holiday enjoy too- ha ha you will be in our shoes soon..

The BBB’s


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