Groundhog Day…yippee!

Here goes with my first blog/post/rant/comment J I hope that everyone is enjoying the Bryanston Bombers site that Iano has set up as much as I am.

Iano asked that I post some thoughts to the site, so here goes. I thought I would share with you a funny experience and insight during this first ‘real’ week of training for Comrades.

As you may know, in order to better juggle running schedules with my superathlete (Runners World’s version of a supermodel) wife, I started running on Wednesday evenings with a group of experienced Comrades runners (of mixed ability, but generally all Bill Rowan or much, much better). I ran with this group in the build up to Comrades 2009 and found it enormously helpful to my running, although did battle with a hard run on Wednesday night followed by a tempo session on Thursday morning! More on that in a later post (I really am starting to sound like a real ‘blogger’!)

I think that the most helpful aspect, other than of course the run itself, was the support that I received from the group. I don’t know these guys other than by first name and don’t see them apart from an hour or two each Wednesday, but the encouragement I took from their own and our shared experiences between Feb and May last year really helped me. (As an aside: the first time I ran with them I knew I was in deep pooh when one turned to another and said ‘I love these recovery sessions’. I nearly tripped over my tongue – we were running faster than my race pace and I was busting a gut hanging on to their shirt tails to keep up!)

Anyway, on arriving at RAC this Wednesday evening I entered the change room to get dressed for the run and found a couple of the regulars there already. We said hi, and laughed at the groans of ‘here we go again’ and ‘only 21 more of these runs to go’! Someone made a comment about how it was like the movie Groundhog Day, when the same thing keeps coming round again and again – there we were, gearing up for another Comrades training season, when it felt like just yesterday that I was cramping on the side of Fields swearing to never, ever lace up my Asics again!

But the point I really want to get to was that it was so exciting to be starting the journey again. Even though there were moans and groans, and even though it is indeed a massively daunting task to prepare for this race, doing it with a decent bunch of people who share your enthusiasm and excitement for the challenge is a fantastic privilege. I am as excited about all of their and your races in May as I am about my own, and the truth is that I had been looking forward to that first run all December!

When I consider that there were nearly 20 Bryanston Bombers at BMC on Tuesday this week, ready to do tempo at 5am when most people are still on the beach, in bed or partying from the night before, I realize that I am not the only one rearing to get started…again!

I love Groundhog Day…didn’t I tell you that yesterday?



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  1. Wow, Doug, if the last few days running is anything to go on, you are in for a bumper Comrades. You are running really well – already.

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