Bomber’s bombing their PB’s – Congratulations Lauren!

This weekend past Lauren Calenborne – a Bryanston Bomber temporarily on loan to Durban – smashed her marathon PB! She ran a fantastic run at the recent “Buffs Marathon” (no, Roan, she didn’t run in the buff, just at the Buff…big difference!) to achieve a phenomenal time of 3h13, and was second lady home!

Well done, Lauren, we are thrilled for you! You have raised the bar!


3 Responses

  1. I decided that I would not blow halfway into this marathon no matter what. The average pace for 3:13:45 is 4:35. (That was my plan)

    So I did the first 10 km with an average pace of 4:40 mins/km. I then picked it up after that so that I went through halfway with 1:35:44. (I think that was a minute too fast looking back on it). My ‘average pace overall’ then until the last 4 kms was 4:30…. which should have given me a sub 3:10. But the last 7 kms were really tough – 2 huuuuge hills, and so my overall average pace slowed down to 4:35. Perhaps by holding back even more between 10 and 30 I could have maintained the pace I had. Anyway, I am pleased with my finishing time and like you said I will do even faster sometime, just maybe not this year.

    My finish was also made very special by being the second lady. I was lucky because I think all the really fast girls must have gone to do another race.

    • Hi Lauren

      Congratulations, that is a really awesome time. You are certainly putting the pressure on Doug for this week’s Vaal Marathon.

      Congrats also to Robyn and Gill who did a 1:45 Deloitte’s half marathon in Pretoria on Saturday.

      How did everyone elso go?

    • You absolute star, what a brilliantly run race. Well done! Think you should come back to JHB and help all of us. Love Lianne

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