How fast is fast?

It was really great to see such a large crowd out running this morning (and most in white T-shirts). When I got into the office this morning, I came across this article by Dr Ross Tucker, which you may find interesting:

How would you like to run a half marathon at 2:46 per km? Well that is what Zersenay Tadese did this weekend. His final time for the half marathon a new World Record of 58:23, at the Lisbon Half Marathon, Eish!!

You can read the full details of Ross’ article, but here is an extract:

“To put Tadese’s performance into perspective, he reached 10km in 27:53, shedding the pacemakers at the ninth kilometre. He then sped up to run the next 5km in 13:40 (15 km time of 41:33). The next 5km split in 13:48 gave him a world record of 55:21 at 20km (30 seconds faster than Gebrselassie’s old mark). He brought the final 1.1km home in just under 3 minutes to eclipse Wanjiru’s 3-year old record.”

What is going to be really interesting watching is the London Marathon on the 24th April, where Tadese should be lining up against the old record holder, Sammy Wanjiru, who also happens to be the Olympic Champion and Olympic record holder for the marathon.

Hopefully our on the spot reporter, Denton, will be able to give us an update…

Enjoy the training


One Response

  1. Too fast !! Wow ….I’ll stick to my 10 km in 58.23 thanks ! Can you ever imagine doing another 11km in the same time …….just seems impossible …..we’ll give you an update on the other 43999 running London instead 🙂 or those we can see …….

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