Two Oceans

This last Saturday, I turned on the TV to watch a bit of the Two Oceans finish. I’d just done the 2nd day of the much less glamourous Easter 100 – a 35km jaunt with Terry, Denton, Tennille, Izelle and Lance (Clive’s brother). Mark was also out and did all 3 days – 100km. From what I could see, the conditions were perfect for a race – cool and overcase with a little rain in some places just to cool everyone down. Of the people I saw finish, which included Evan Mclean finishing 20 odd secs below the Silver cut-off – again (how does he do it?), the best looking had to have been Sue H. Sue came cruising in in 4:39 looking more like she had just started the race than having finished it. The cameraman obviously agreed cause he follwed Sue in the whole way. Well done Sue, you are amazing! Coming second in the Masters as well!

Here are some of the results that I managed to find – let me know if I’ve missed anyone:

Name Race No 28km 42.2km 50km Finish Medal
JONES, DOUG   20308   02:08:40   03:17:30   04:00:40   04:29:53   Sainsbury  
HARRISBERG, SUE   2835   02:20:19   03:33:13   04:12:56   04:39:18   Sainsbury 
REY, LIANNE   22228   02:18:27   03:30:14   04:14:10   04:44:29   Sainsbury  
FORMBY, DAVID   22306   02:11:02   03:25:09   04:14:34   04:45:17   Sainsbury  
SILVER, AMANDA   20340   02:17:41   03:30:51   04:15:45   04:46:50   Sainsbury
GETHING, LISA   24058   02:18:57   03:38:57   04:28:27   05:02:41   Bronze  
WESTAWAY, WYNNE   21267   02:34:32   03:57:19   04:48:11   05:22:16   Bronze  
LIDGEY, LEIGH   20795   02:32:46   03:58:26   04:51:42   05:26:20   Bronze  
JONES, ROBYN   21303   02:32:36   03:58:26   04:51:42   05:28:51   Bronze  
LIDGEY, PHILIP   21285   02:30:01   03:57:25   05:01:35   05:44:39   Bronze  
HAMMOND, ROAN   22178   02:34:32   03:58:25   05:09:55   05:47:10   Bronze 
SOLE, BRIAN   23415   02:56:04   04:36:22   05:22:39   05:55:18   Bronze  
NAUDE, SUSAN   21345   02:48:10   04:25:37   05:24:22   06:06:40   Blue  
ASKEW, MIKE   3568   02:51:24   04:29:12   05:31:45   06:14:45   Blue  
HOWES, ANDREW   21284   02:49:27   04:40:01   05:53:38   06:43:59   Blue  
DOMYAN, RUSSEL   23044   03:11:37   04:57:26   06:04:14   06:51:04   Blue 

From the results it looks like there were some great performances, with Wynne runing out of her socks (and away from Roan), Doug having a perfectly timed race to finish under 4:30 (with lots of lessons learned – which I hope he’ll share), and Robyn and Leigh tracking and racing past Phil :-).

Well done to everyone!


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  1. Wow – thanks guys, I had an amazing run. it was just one of those days where it all came together. It makes up for plenty of runs where I have cried all the way up Constantia neck ( being overtaken by Mad Michie) and have limped home with stress fractures. I was inspired by all the positivity from the bombers- I am so grateful to you all -you are my backbone and I look forward to the next couple of weeks before Comrades. Well done to everyone- especially Robyn on her first 2 Oceans in a brilliant time and Wynne and Leigh for their PB s .
    see you on the road.

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