Comrades 2010


Comrades is getting close – only 36 sleeps to go (you don’t count the last night). For those of you that did your long run last weekend – enjoy the  taper. For those of us doing our long run this weekend, enjoy, the taper starts on Monday. I’ve heard that Denton and Terry managed to find a flight to London, but Gill is still looking (lets all pray she does). The London Marathon is on Sunday and is usually televised, so make sure you watch. It is likely to be a bumper of a race up front.

Here is an article written by Denis Kennedy, who has done 20 odd Comrades Marathons. He gets into a lot of detail about the race – read it slowly and use it to build up a mental picture of your race (try playing Chariots of Fire in the background too). Thanks to Leigh, Phil and Doug for sending this to me.

If you haven’t sent in your quyalifying race details – the deadline is Monday 26th April. Last race to qualify is Jackie Gibson this weekend.

Cheers Iano


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