Comrades Down Profile


Today is the last day to send in your qualifying race times for Comrades!

Have a look at the Comrades 2010 page for articles and interesting information on Comrades. This page will be updated on a regular basis as we get closer to Comrades – call it your one-stop-reference page 🙂

Following on from last week’s article by Denis Kennedy, here is another tool to help you with your Comrades preparation. To quote Denis:

  • The first half of the down run is a very tough marathon with lots of hills (up ones that is) and is certainly not “down”
  • The pain of the down particularly in Pinetown is horrible and you will learn the meaning of “jelly legs” whether you want to know or not.
  •  The last 15 or so K’s are on the motorway, hot, long, boring, no spectators and you can see the sea on each rise.

Here is a profile of the Comrades Down course to have you suitably “prepared”

Also, have a look in the side panel to the right of the website to see what the temperature and weather is doing at the start in Pietermaritzburg and the finish in Durban. Remember we start in the early morning in Maritzburg and it can be as cold (if not colder) than Joburg so dress warmly. Though, having said that, last year it was pretty warm at the start. You’ll be finishing in Durban in the afternoon and it can get hot and you’ll be in the sun, so prepare correctly.

Start thinking about all these things now and do the mental preparation before, and you will have a fantastic day!

Remember the Rockies Comrades Panel Talk on Monday 3rd May at 19h00 at the Zoo Lake Clubhouse.


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