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We are getting closer and closer to Comrades with only 29 sleeps to go (remembering that you don’t count the last night 🙂 ). By now, with 4 weeks to go, you should be tapering your mileage down to the big day. You cannot make up of lost training now (sorry, it’s too late!) The best thing you can do now is make sure that you get to race day with fresh strong legs – you’ll need them and you’ll have a good race if your legs are well rested.

Following on from the last few posts, you should read Barry Holland’s account of the down race. Barry runs for Jeppe and has run 37 consecutive Comrades marathons, starting in 1973. He has a best time of 6:29 and has 22 Silvers. In 2009 he ran a 8:35 after taking a tumble on the course. His description of the Down Run was written before the 2009 Down Run. Barry has broken the race down into 5 sections with a course profile and description of each section.You can find it in the Comrades 2010 section of the Blog or by clicking here.

On the admin side,

  • Remember that this weekend is May and that the RAC Club runs now start at 07h00 (though, I’m sure there will be a group of Bombers still running at 06h00 – I plan to). This week the club run is The Wilds route (26 kms) correction, the club run was changed on Tuesday to Melville (25 kms) – thanks to Mandy for the correct info.
  • On Monday 3rd May at 19h00, is the Rockies Panel Talk – at Zoo Lake Clubhouse, Westwold Way (corner of Glamorgan Road), Saxonwold – Cost R40 For a map to the club, click here.

Have an awesome weekend, enjoy the running and see you on the road.


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  1. Please note that this Sunday’s Club run is Melville (25 kms) and not the Wilds. Thanks to Mandy for the Correct info.

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