Racing the Planet Australia


Here is a race report that should certainly get the likes of Doug’s ears wagging.

Jo McLeod has just gotten back from Australia where she took part in the 250 km Racing the Planet Australia race in the Western Australian Desert.

I have to say that Racing the Planet Australia has to be the toughest event I have ever participated in.

The obvious things one thinks about are not the obstacles I had to overcome at all. I think if one does an event like this, a minimum of 9 months training is required. My 3 months were just not enough preparation. My feet have been mutilated. I am not back in shoes yet. But the greatest obstacle for me was the mind numbing boredom of traipsing through the outback. Fortunately by day 3 things got a bit better. Stage 5 was 100kms and it took me 27 hours. It was such an incredible achievement, all the pain was forgotten.

We ran\walked across plains of rocks and spiniflex (grass that bites in to your legs). We clambered up hills and boulders. We slept in tents of 8 people, most who snored. We carried everything we needed on our backs, food, bedding, everything. Temperatures reached 47 C on most days, with 85% humidity. The heat was suffocating. The IV drips for the entire week were depleted after day one. It was incredibly tough. Only 117 people of the 185 starters finished. (15 were kept away with the black ash from Iceland)  But then, the tougher the battle the sweeter the victory. I can honestly say that crossing the finish line on the 7th day has to be an all time high for me.  (Jo completed the race in 68:18 and was 17th lady and 94th overall)

The pain is soon forgotten. The friendships formed tight. The memories wonderful. The experience unforgettable.

And of course the answer to ‘that’ question :Would you ever do one of these races again”, has turned from a definite No, to a very gentle, I’m thinking about it!


To read more about Jo’s adventure, read her account of the race.
Jo, well done – awesome achievement.
So what is next??

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