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Only 17 sleeps to go (remember the last night doesn’t count). By now, you should be well into your taper. I know Denton is (he has cut back on the saftey blanket runs).  Don’t worry if you are starting to feel injured, sick, or having bad runs – this is a common feeling for the taper. Terry, Robyn, Izelle, you have all done the training – don’t try to ‘catch up’ runs now! 

Last Sunday, Mandy picked up a flyer on for RAC runners pre-comrades prep. Have a look here.

Lauren sent in an interesting article on what is required to run a Silver – have a read on the Comrades 2010 page.

Here is a list of the Bombers that are running Comrades:


Race No First Name Last Name Category Club Batch Last Down
8536 Andrew Howes Open Rand AC G 11:24:05
55440 Mark Kent Master Rand AC G 10:49:30
52855 Susan Naude Open Rand AC F 10:22:47
11106 Mike Askew Open Rand AC E 10:42:48
41073 Brian Sole Veteran Breakthru Midrand Striders D 9:27:53
5900 Denton Muil Veteran Rand AC D 9:56:57
42505 Mish Molakeng Open Adventure Racing Club D 9:46:41
41908 Tony Arriah Veteran Sunninghill Striders Running Club D 9:34:48
53105 Wynne Westaway Veteran Rand AC D 11:40:46
52137 Amanda Silver Open Rand AC C 8:35:16
22630 Donald Holshausen Open Rand AC C 10:27:34
57234 Izelle Pretorius Open Rand AC C Novice
42348 Leigh Lidgey Open Rand AC C 8:45:12
13323 Robyn Jones Open Morningside Country Club C Novice
49264 Silvia Caroto Open Bedfordview Athletics Club C Novice
6091 Sue Harrisberg Master Rand AC C 8:40:45
12850 Terry Swait Veteran Rand AC C 8:21:11
41774 Doug Jones Open Morningside Country Club B 8:24:39
55258 Ian Hendry Veteran Troisport Tri Club B 8:57:51
15600 Lauren Calenborne Open Westville Athletic Club B 8:25:53

 You can track runners in one of two ways:

  1. Online via the Comrades Website. Here you can enter up to 10 numbers and you can then watch their progress throughout the day. Thanks to Gill for letting us know about this.
  2. SMS the race number to 38132 and you will recieve 5 messages throughout the day, tracking the runners progress. This costs R10.00 per runner (one race number per SMS)

Enjoy the rest of the training, and if anyone sees Norah running – please stop her – its too early to start again after breaking her foot.


2 Responses

  1. Having a look at the list above, I noticed that the ‘traditional’ G-Batch is looking a bit depleted. If fact, I see some of the Ringleaders hiding up front in D-Batch. Hopefully a good sign of things to come.

  2. Thanks for all this information Iano and for the friendly reminders about how long to go. For the record, I count the last night – i need the extra time:). I hope everybody is well and getting ready to go…

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