Tick tock

Comrades is getting closer, only 3 more sleeps (remember, Saturday doesn’t count!) 🙂

The Weather: Good news is that it is looking like it is going to be a fantastic day for running. The weather is in the process of changing, so the forecast is a bit sketchy, but so far, it looks like the start in Maritzburg will be cool at about 5 degrees at 5:00 (similar to our Joburg early morning runs), so make sure you have a long-sleeved and a short-sleeved T-shirt to start running in (you’ll toss the T-shirts after the climb out of Polly Shortts). Then as you head into Durban for the finish, the temp is going to stay down in the low 20’s – perfect for a good finish. Remember to put on loads of sunscreen for the day before you start!

To see the forcast in Maritzburg, click here and for Durban, click here.

After Comrades: Here is a bit of fun. Let us know what your plans are for next week


Some news from down South: Some of you might remember Linda Doke, who used to run with the Early Worms a number of years ago. Linda has been doing some really great running, particularly off-road in the trail running side ( I think she was 2nd in last year’s Sky run – among others). In September 2010, Linda will be running the Trans Alpine Run with Ryan Sands (who cleans them all up). Linda has started a Blog to keep everyone up to date with her progress and training. Give it a read! 

(I wonder when Joanne will be doing this race?)

Registering in Durban: If you are registering in Durban on Friday, be aware that the World Cup Organisers are doing a traffic simulation, so will be blocking off the streets that will be blocked off on Durban match days. That may hamper you getting to register, so allow extra time and stay off your feet as much as possible.

Travel safely down to Comrades.


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