Comrades Results

Congratulations on everyone that took part in Comrades on Sunday.

With the exception of Andrew, who was wise enough to call it a day before injuring himself, and Sue H, who cleverly did not start as she was sick, everyone seemed to have a great day. There were a number of PB’s, an indication of the great race day conditions. Well done to Mark, Wynne, Mandy, Donald, Izelle, Robyn, Silvia, Doug and Lauren for running faster than the wind – awesome. Congrats also to Terry on her Green number as well as Denton (13), Mike (12) and Tony (11).

So, what is next??? Gill is putting together a half marathon program, which we will load onto the website soon. Are you keen to do a fast 21km?

Let us know your plans by completing the short survey below (click on the link or go to the website to do the survey) – it will only take 5 secs.

Here are the comrades results:

RaceNo First Name Last Name Category Club Finish Time Note
8536 Andrew Howes Open Rand AC DNF  
55440 Mark Kent Master Rand AC 10:20:59 PB
52855 Susan Naude Open Rand AC 11:32:58  
11106 Mike Askew Open Rand AC 11:21:35 #12
41073 Brian Sole Veteran Breakthru Midrand Striders 9:38:54  
5900 Denton Muil Veteran Rand AC 10:12:26 #13
42505 Mish Molakeng Open Adventure Racing Club 10:39:44  
41908 Tony Arriah Veteran Sunninghill Striders Running Club 11:16:31 #11
53105 Wynne Westaway Veteran Rand AC 9:38:00 PB
52137 Amanda Silver Open Rand AC 8:23:42 PB
22630 Donald Holshausen Open Rand AC 8:48:02 PB
57234 Izelle Pretorius Open Rand AC 8:39:43 PB
42348 Leigh Lidgey Open Rand AC 8:56:35  
13323 Robyn Jones Open Morningside Country Club 9:26:57 PB
49264 Silvia Caroto Open Bedfordview Athletics Club 8:55:43 PB
6091 Sue Harrisberg Master Rand AC DNS  
12850 Terry Swait Veteran Rand AC 8:43:55 #10
41774 Doug Jones Open Morningside Country Club 7:50:15 PB
55258 Ian Hendry Veteran Troisport Tri Club 8:52:12 Down PB
15600 Lauren Calenborne Open Westville Athletic Club 7:31:52 PB
22495 John Glendinning Open Morningside Country Club 10:12:44 PB

6 Responses

  1. I’m going into hibernation until I’ve been harrassed enough to get back out on the road!

  2. Starting back running again. Been spinning but would love to do cross country running during winter…anyone keen to do that with me. Good strengthening for road running.

  3. I’m going to start running while Iano sleeps & babysits 🙂 anyone keen for a very slow jog let me know.

    • Happy to join you Bridget !! Just need a bit of rest then will walk ……Keen to spin – let me know if anyone wants to join me …..

    • happy to join u Bridget and Terry but also need to get into the pool….maybe next week sometime. for now the lie ins are too delicious to give up!

  4. Hi

    Thanks for the results…makes very good reading!

    Well done to all…. especially our new Westville runner – wow that is a special time…. 🙂

    It was fun cheering you all on this year….see you all next year…

    Gazza and Karen

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