New Program!


Winter is over (well unofficially that is)!! Comrades is long gone and two and a half men (I mean months) rest is more than enough – even for G-Batch.

So it is time for a new challenge!! Gill has spent a good deal of time putting together a great program to get us all to the RAC “Easy” One (it is all in the mind) – or a marathon – in November. Have a look at the program and make sure that you report for training at one of the dedicated spots.

Also, don’t forget the Bombers Spring Run on Saturday 4th September at Denton’s house in Fourways Gardens. Start at 06h30 and followed by breakfast. Please let Denton know if your will be there (he needs to make sure that he is well trained).




One Response

  1. Hi,

    I heard the programme was adopted with great enthusiasm while I was away this week. Smile! It was probably too cold to run fast, hey?

    Enjoy your week-end.

    Kind regards

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