Bombers Spring Run

From Denton:

Hi All

The Bombers annual spring run will be happening from my (Denton) house on 4 September 2010 at 6:30am.

The plan is to do a very easy10Km max (shorter if I can help it!) You can make an invaluable contribution to getting my lazy behind out on the road by coming along with wives husbands partners kids and dogs (in no specific order!).

Once upon a time...

You need to bring yourself and all authorised hangers on! Some juice if you are a guy and something to eat if you are a girl. If you aren’t sure give Iano a shout and I’m sure he will help you decide!

You will need an access code to get in so please let me know and send me you mobile number so I can sms you a code closer to the time.

Hope to see you all there in numbers!

Cheers Denton


3 Responses

  1. Great will be really nice to see you all again. Now that I have actually taken the time to check the site! Am very happy to walk Grace in the pram (if it is too much for Gareth)!


  2. Hi Grace

    Can I challenge you to a race at the breakfast run?


  3. I’ll be there Denton! Gareth has promised to join me and push Grace, so there might be 3 of us…

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