Birthday’s this week

This week we have a couple Bomber’s Birthdays.

On Wednesday, it was Mike Askew’s birthday. I trust you had a great day. I was interested to that Mike and Caron put an effort in to colour co-ordinate their running kit. Caron was seen running with the Bombers on Tuesday morning wearing an orange shirt and in the evening at the RAC time trial, Mike was noticed in the distance also in an orange shirt – well done.

Then, on Sunday, it is Bridget’s birthday. She was planning on making a much belated return to running with the Bombers this Thursday morning, but I think getting her first full uninterrupted night’s sleep was too tiring for her. I’ll have to make sure she gets up on her birthday for a run.

I managed to track down a picture of the youngest Bomber addition, young Ryan Duncan Formby. Ryan was born on Friday 3rd of September. Here is a cool family pic showing Dave, Taryn, Craig and young Ryan. Jay, Caron, Kate & Gareth we are going to have to lock up our daughters….


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