Happy Birthday Leigh

Hey Leigh, Happy Birthday, have a fantastic day today.

I was going to write something along the lines of “Does Leigh still run…”, but then I realised that a number of you could quite easily point that comment around back to me. Then I saw Leigh and Phil at Doug ‘n Robyn’s house and learned that the reason Leigh is not running is because she has quite a serious injury. Boy, was I glad I didn’t make that comment. I cannot really talk about the injury, but the pic might give you a clue…

Leigh, we wish you a speedy recovery and have a fantastic day.

Oh, Leigh told us about the riviting Eddie Izzard show that she and Phil saw – they even got to sit behind Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear (the guys will know who I’m talking about).


One Response

  1. Happy Birthday leigh. it was good to see Phil today to represent you for your birthday. We miss you on the runs so we look forward to you coming back soon after your toe is has healed.
    Have a lovely day and mya the year ahead be full of good health happiness and fun. God Blessings. Love Norah

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