Elaine’s report on her cycle to Durban – Fheeew

Hi all,

Thank you so much for all the support and well wishes received – it was so amazing. I had an awesome time, tough, particularly on the first two days where we had to take on a serious head / side-on wind and quite
cold temperatures i.e. 8 degrees at the top of Olifants Hook Pass where we stop for lunch on the second day. We had overcast weather for most of the tour – had nice sunny but not too hot day yesterday. We were fortunate in that we seemed to miss the rain showers only had the odd drizzle now and then but never really got seriously wet. The tour (thanks to MJ and her hubby John) was so well organised, stayed at great B & Bs, met great people (even met Kate’s hubby Gareth), had many laughs and saw parts of the OFS & KZN that one normally just flies past in the car. I’ve always know Derrick is a mean and talented cyclist but after spending four days behind him on the tandem, up and down MOUNTAINS (they felt like mountains to me) I have a renewed admiration for him and his
cycling abilities.

Having done the race which was on the Comrades route, I will like to say that I am now more proud of all my running friends. Having cycled the route I now know I train (even though at the back most of the time) with a group of seriously talented people. The route is ‘easier’ on a bike than on foot and more convinced now than ever that the Comrades race and I are not going to meet. Derrick and I went out with the racing tandems at 06h30 on Sunday morning – stayed with a group of 7 mixed tandems for the first 50 odd kms but unfortunately they were just that little bit too strong for me (not Derrick), got ‘dropped’ going down some hill and were then left to do the last 50 odd kms on our own to finish with a time of 3h 6 minutes for the race. Did a total of just over 600Kms for the four days and yes, I will do it again – what an experience, I had a GREAT time.

I’m told I need to be back on the tandem tomorrow am – for a gentle spin of the legs – will be out for a gentle run on Wednesday am.

Thanks again



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