Isn’t Spring wonderful?


Isn’t it amazing how awesome the mornings are at the moment. The air is clean and crisp, generally the only people out are exercising and the jacarandas are out in full bloom. Do yourself a favour and go and run a race in Pretoria or run in Westcliff overlooking Saxonwold.

Here are a few interesting things that have and are happening:

1. Some news from one of our friends: Janine & Gary Hayter welcomed their 3rd daughter, Kaeley Brook Hayter, weighing 2.8kg into the World at 12:52 on Saturday 16th October. Congratulations, Jay & Gary. I’m sure that Ashlyn and Dani are thrilled too. (PS: Keep an eye out for the Formby boys, who live just around the corner…)

2. With less than 6 weeks to the RAC ‘Easy One’ I’m sure that everyone’s training is going along well – there certainly has been some great turnouts at runs in the morning. Keep up the good work.

3. For those of you that are looking for an interesting challenge, the Ficksburg Cherry Festival on the weekend of the 20/21st November 2010 is a great option. It is the same weekend as the 94.7, but the 23km race is a good challenge. Here is an entry form, thanks to Caron.

4. There are quite a few Bombers (including me) that have signed up to do the Ironman 70.3 (half Ironman for those that don’t know) in East London on 23rd January next year. That is really great to see. Triathlon is a really fantastic sport and really challenges you. So far those that are signed up are Doug, Roan, Wynne, Genelle, Terry, Kate & Gareth (I think). Are there any others? Entries are open up until the 5th Nov on the Triangle Website – sign up. I’ll be dedicating a few posts to triathlon and the various aspects of he sport in the next few months, so bear with me.

For those that are interested, Roan has asked if I’ll help with a triathlon cycling workshop, so we will be having one on Saturday afternoon at 16h00 at St Stithian’s School straight after the swimming squad session (if you are up for a swim, come at 15h00 and join the squad). We will meet at the bottom pool car park at Saints and then go onto one of the fields and should take about an hour. We will cover bike safety, cycling skills, transition skills and if there is time how to change a puncture (mentioning no names). If you have kids (6+) that you’d also like to bring, no problem. Make sure you bring your helmets and other cycling kit.

It is great seeing Bomber runners doing something other than running. I cycled with Doug this morning and put him through a tough ride, which he handled with no problem. A week ago, I cycled with Roan and he is cycling so well, easily handling a 100km training ride in his stride. On Saturday, I arrived late for the swimming session and was not able to keep up with either Wynne or Roan – I’m definitely going to have to do some work. We often complain about cyclists not greeting runners, but on Thursday while out on my first weekday cycle, a group of runners passed me (while I was waiting for a robot to change) and I virtually had to accost them to get them to greet me – I suppose I did look a bit different in my cycling kit and helmet.

5. Did you know that tomorrow, Wednesday 20th October is Car Free Day in South Africa. The idea is to give up your car for a day and use alternative transport. If you are on one the Gautrain bus routes, the trip is free as well as all the BRT buses. Or why not run or cycle to work? You can get in 2 ‘free’ training sessions… I’ll be cycling! Make a difference!

Have a fantastic evening, keep up the training and see you out there!




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