Weekend Race Results

Wow, this weekend the Bombers have been smoking in the races.

The 70.3 brigade headed off to Sun City to take part in the 11 Golbal Standard triathlon and certainly cleaned up in the age groups.

Tennille came 3rd in her age group in a time of 2:47 (swim 25:49, bike 1:29:05, run 49:30)

Terry came 3rd in her age group in a time of 2:57 (swim 28:46, bike 1:39:52, run 46:51)

Wynne came 4th in her age group in a time of 3:00:36 (swim 28:54, bike 1:33:22, run 55:15)

News is also that Tennille has entered the 70.3 in East London, so will be joining the crew of Wynne, Terry, Genelle, Roan, Doug & Iano down south.

Also this weekend there was a crew that headed off to run the Kaapsehoop Marathon in some blisteringly fast times in temperatures that got up to 35 degrees (shoooo):

Michelle ran (?? or flew??) a 2:55 marathon

Gill ran a 3:38 marathon

Also there was Lianne, Kate, Grant, Barene, Grant and a few others – let us know how you did.

Comment of the week has to go to Roan, who joined the Wednesday evening RAC run and after tearing past the Jolly Roger on 4th had this to say: “Last night thought I might break your mates – I sprinted to the BP corner, they took the bait, I then promptly stopped and shouted ‘keep it up, keep it up!’… Yea I know it was rather cruel but it did tickle my funny bone :-)”. Doug, this explains the sudden accelleration and the lack of manners of not stopping for the red light…

Well done, everyone – clearly the training is paying off!! Keep it up!


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