Ryan’s taking on Antarctica


Here is an interesting article from the Modern Athlete on Ryan Sands who is doing the Antarctica Desert race. Jo, I’m sure that conditions are a bit different to the race you did in Australia. I’ve just finished reading a book on “Shackleton’s Forgotten Men” where the conditions in Antarctica are described. In winter the temperatures can get down anywhere between -30 to -60 degrees – fortunately for Ryan it should be a bit warmer now, though it will be almost constant daylight.

“Ryan Sandes, South Africa’s very own Desert Runner, is in Antarctica to race the Last Desert. If he wins this ultra-marathon stage race, he will become the first runner ever to have won all four legs in the extreme Racing The Planet Four Deserts Challenge. Time Magazine has named the Four Deserts Challenge as number two on its list of Top Ten Endurance Competitions in the world!

Ryan has won the Gobi Desert Race in China, the Sahara Desert Race in Egypt and the Atacama Crossing in Chile, all 250km self-supported races over seven days.

The Last Desert, which starts on 17 November, promises to be the most spectacular of them all. Sixty competitors will land, weather-permitting, on several locations on and around the Antarctic Peninsula, and embark on their final journey of the Four Deserts. The Antarctic Dream expedition ship will be their home for 10 days while they take on what most people only dream of!

Ryan will write a daily blog on his experience as he races to make South Africa proud. Log onto www.modernathlete.co.za to share this amazing experience with him.”


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