Results, weekend races & Happy Birthday Dick!


Firstly, a big happy birthday to Dick Welch today. Dick, we wish you a fantastic day.

I’ve managed to dig up some results of Bombers that took part in the recent 94.7 Cycle Challenge on Sunday 21st Movember (apologies if I’ve missed anyone). Seems like runners can cycle (and they also greet runners while cycling). Well done to everyone, particularly Gareth on that 2:32 time!!

Name and Team Start Group Race Time Overall Position   Gender Position Age Position Group Position
Jones, Douglas ZZ 03:10:46 2425/16256 M 2150/12537 442/2067 2/269
Hammond, Roan I 03:11:20 2472/16256 M 2192/12537 379/1958 71/313
Westaway, Andrew VC 02:39:08 420/16256 M 386/12537 49/1958 35/104
Westaway, Wynne Z 03:36:42 5008/16256 F 477/3083 101/488 11/346
Rees, Gareth VB 02:32:32 152/16256 M 145/12537 50/2067 45/104
Swait, Terry Z 03:46:53 6075/16256 F 642/3083 81/371 29/346
Swait, Mike Z 04:12:08 8514/16256 M 7034/12537 936/1586 83/346
Whittal, Rory Z 03:59:25 7314/16256 M 6108/12537 815/1586 53/346
Robertson, Tennille S 03:23:53 3646/16256 F 283/3083 55/636 16/228
van der Riet, Genelle VV 03:55:07 6895/16256 F 784/3083 153/488 22/237
McLeod, Joanne Z 03:37:24 5065/16256   168/365 123/261 15/346
Kinsley, Megan HH 03:51:46 6560/16256 F 721/3083 123/636 24/331
Sole, Brian R 03:37:28 5075/16256 M 4354/12537 793/1958 80/331
Hendry, Iano C 02:44:46  655/15849 M  612/12272  82/1924  48/224
Giese, Mark E 2:51:08 1023/16261 M 932/12563 129/1630 28/308
Rees, Kate Z 3:43:19 5718/16261 F 583/3091 96/460 23/346

This coming weekend is the big “RAC Easy One” race that we have all been training for. By now, it is too late to cram in any more training, so rest up so that you are fresh on Sunday. If you are not racing and would like to help out, I know that your help would be greatly appreciated at the water tables – the Early Worms are at the 17km mark and Jamie is at the 20km mark – help out! Please send me your results on Monday!!

The triathletes (& Wannabees) are heading out to Pretoria on Sunday for the Gauteng North and Africa Champs – starting at 07h00. Note that you can register for the race on Sunday morning, if you get there before 06h00 (that means you do not have to register on Saturday afternoon – thanks to Albie). Here is the race day schedule.

Remember the Kids triathlon on Saturday at St Stithian’s College, starting at 08h00 – time to get out for a cycle beforehand (I’ll be taking out the Beast for a ride).

Roan has circulated a nice checklist of what to have in your race bags for 70.3. You can check it out here!

Have a great weekend racing!!


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  1. Iano … you did 2:44 – a hour faster than you remember!!

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