Comrades and a weekend full of racing



If you are planning to do Comrades next year and haven’t entered, best you do so right now!! Entries close tomorrow, Tuesday 30th Movember at close of business, or if they reach 18,000 entries. As of a few hours ago, entries were at 17,005.


Congratulations to everyone who took part in the RAC “Easy” One, yesterday under some really tough conditions, judging from some of the comments received after the race.


“Was hardly an EASY one! Enjoyed it but was rather tough!”

“Hills, what hills, I love hills!”

 “Nothing “easy” about yesterday in that heat !!”

“Not sure I want this up on the website – very disappointing time”

“Worst time on that route.”


Never the less, there were still some memorable moments, Brian completing his 10th Easy One, Kerry-Lynn completing her 1st 32km race (nice one to pick), Leigh braving the pain of a broken bone to help Kerri-Lynn, Meg and Izelle blistering through the course…. Here are the results that were submitted (please let me know if I missed your result)


Name and Team Easy one Time 94.7 Time Combined Time
Kinsley, Megan 2:50 3:51 6:41
Sole, Brian 3:07 3:37 6:44
Lianne Rey 2:50    
Gill Whittal 3:05    
Sue Naude 3:10    
Izelle Pretorius 2:48    
Kerri-Lynn 3:04    
Leigh Lidgey 3:05    
Etienne De Chezelles 3:02    
Dave Formby  2:49    


Congratulations also to Meg and Brian who did both the 94.7 and the Easy One – that’s an excellent achievement!!


Also this weekend, the Triathletes headed off to Pretoria for the Gauteng North Championships, and there were some great improvements on the 11 Global Race at Sun City, Wynne taking of a whopping 17 minutes! Here are the results for the race:


P Dist P Cat P Sex Swim Bike Run Finish Time Name Surname Age
27 3 25 0:29:43 1:05:13 0:44:17 2:19:13 Ian Hendry M 40-44
46 9 42 0:31:48 1:09:59 0:44:13 2:26:00 Doug Jones M 35-39
97 5 13 0:31:47 1:19:38 0:52:04 2:43:29 Wynne Westaway F 40-44
102 5 16 0:29:26 1:29:19 0:45:51 2:44:36 Lauren Kennedy F 35-39
119 6 20 0:31:31 1:19:54 0:59:09 2:50:35 Genelle Van der Riet F 40-44

A post-note here:

Congratulations to Gareth on completing the Coronation Double Century Cycle (i.e. 202km of cycling) a week after the 94.7 Cycle Challenge


Name and Team Start Group Race Time Overall Position Gender Age Position Avg Speed
Rees, Gareth (Northcliff Cycles) 186 06:17:04 15/211 M 3/44 32.14

Keep up the good training!!


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