Year end, Birthdays and Race results

It’s almost the year end, so to everyone, have a great holiday. If you are travelling, drive safely, keep up the training and have a fantastic New Year. For the triathetes, this period is the most critical from a training point of view as you should be peaking right about Christmas time (a good incentive to keep off the extra pounds 🙂 ). Try and find a few like minded individuals to train with – add a note to the I am running page telling us where you’ll be.

Before we wind up for the year, how about us all getting together for a last run?? It would be really great to see some of the old faces ( Brian, Tony, Andrew, Denton ….etc) as well as the regulars for a run tomorrow morning (Tuesday 14th) – 05h00 at BMC.

There are quite a few birthdays this month, so rather than standing a chance of missing them, here is list for December, starting with Lauren K, whose birthday it is today – have a great day, Lauren (& keep up the triathlon training!!).

 Monday 13  Lauren Kennedy
 Thursday 16  Terry Swait
 Sunday 19  Andrew Howes
 Sunday 19  Tony Arriah
 Wednesday 22  Robyn Jones
 Thursday 30  Jeff Harrisberg
 Friday 31  Jenni Kruse

Guys, have a fantastic day!!

Last weekend (4th & 5th December), there were some excellent race performances, worth noting:

Congratulations to Lauren C, who ran the PE marathon in a blistering time of 3:11. This was a 2 min PB (Doug, you are safe – just!), and Lauren was the 3rd lady home! This is a fantastic achievement, considering how windy and tough the conditions were on the day.

Down in Durban (while Lauren was away in PE), our budding triathletes were down in Durban at the Compendium Winter Series Olympic Distance getting some race experience, including a sea swim.  Yet again the results were excellent:

Race No Name Sex Age Cat Swim Cycle Run Total Time Final Pos Age Pos
178       Wynne Westaway F 40+ 00:30:20   02:03:11 02:33:32 14 3
176        Terry Swait F 40+ 00:27:52 01:26:00 00:43:31 02:37:25 20 4
177       Genelle Van der Riet F 40+ 00:29:53 01:16:44 00:52:53 02:39:30 23 6

 Well done ladies!! (Noticely absent from the reults is one of our Durban resident Bomber, aka Gary Roscoe….)

Have a fantastic day and see you all tomorrow for the run!! (if anyone is in contact with Emma Borrill, get her there too!!)


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