Happy New Year & January Birthdays

Happy New Year to everyone. May 2011 be a particularly fast ‘running’ year!

This month, we have a few birthdays: Vreni, Kate & Megan have a great day when it is your birthday


 Wednesday 5

 Vreni Welch

 Monday 10

 Kate Rees

 Tuesday 18

 Megan Kinsley

In 2011, “the Stork” will also be visiting a few Bomber households – congratulations!!

I hope everyone has started thinking about their 2011 running and racing goals – now is the right time to get going on them – G Group…  Some races coming up in the not so near distant future:

Race Date Days to go
Varsity Kudus 15km 09-Jan-11 2
Dischem Half Marathon 16-Jan-11 9
Ironman 70.3 23-Jan-11 16
Bobbies 25km 23-Jan-11 16
Johnson Crane Marathon 30-Jan-11 23
Three Cranes Marathon 25-Feb-11 49
Two Oceans Ultramarathon 23-Apr-11 106
Comrades Marathon 29-May-11 142

This Sunday, 9th January, Kate is organising a get together to catch up with Emma and Grant (& family) Borrill, who are out visiting from Auckland, New Zealand. Some of the older Bombers would remember Emma as one of the original Bryanston running group.  The get together will be for tea at 2:30 at the River Cafe at the Field and Study Centre, Corner of Louise Avenue and 14th Street, Benmore, Sandton.

“Reach beyond your grasp. Your goals should be grand enough to get the best of you.” – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881-1955)


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