Ironman 70.3 Results

Well done to everyone that braved the conditions in the Spec Savers Ironman 70.3 in East London on sunday 23rd Jan.

I met up with Terry on Friday to go for a swim in the sea and it proved a wake up call for both of us. The Easterly wind was pumping through at just below Gale Force pushing up the swell and bringing in the cold water. Had it continued, it would have likely caused the swim to be cancelled and replaced with a run. Fortunately on Saturday the wind changed to a South Westerly, bringing with it the rain, but at least warming the water up to a “warm” 17 degrees. Most of us had fun on Saturday trying to register and book our bike in, standing in a long line for well over an hour.

Come to Sunday and Race day and the Westerly had flattened the sea, (but not warmed it up) and at the start, the rain had moved away. The cold water got to a number of atheletes (some 60 odd), who had to withdraw due to hyperthermia. Fortunately our Bombers were stronger than that and apart from Genelle who came of the bike and has 3 stitches to show for it (don’t worry, she’s fine), everyone was fine.

On the bike and up the hill (all 45 kms of it) we toilled riding into the wind and with a driving rain at our faces (on my side, nothing was dry!). It did mean that coming home was a pleasure – riding downhill with a strong tail wind, but in the rain and doing 75 km per hour, I must say I was a bit nervous.

On to the run, with wobbly legs to start off, we were off around the pier and then headed on a gradual down hill running along the seaside and off to Bunkers Hill (which was a breeze, cause we like hills) and then back again. It was a double lapper run, out and back, so it was easy to see other competitors and cheer them on (and for me to see how long I could preserve that 5 min lead I took off bike over Doug – he put in a valliant chase and I was sure he was going to catch me at the finish line – nothing like being chased to spur you on).

It was a bit deceiving because the time on the road was different for most atheletes. Because of the huge number of entries, they started groups in different waves at 10 min intervals, starting at 07h00 (Pros), 7h15 (Men 20-39), 7h25 (Men 40-70+), 7h35 (Ladies) and 7h45 (Teams).

As to results, Wynne and Terry (rumour has it that Terry managed to rinse out MJ’s wetsuit after doing the swim too), finished an astounding 6th place in their age groups and Tennille out running MJ’s daughter Ali to finish 7th and 9th respectively in their age group. Lauren had a phenominal run pipping everyone  running to a 1:40. Doug had the fastest swim time and a pretty decent bike time, making me chase him to catch him, just before the turn around. Genelle did really well to get up after her fall on the bike, complete it and then do a half marathon – and all of that within her goal time!

For all of us, it was great having the support at the race. Roan showed great character coming down to second after putting his shoulder out just 2 weeks before the race. Andrew,  Craig and Tennille’s mom were great shouting on the sidelines. Thank you.

So here are the results: the question is when will we see more Bombers doing more than running…..




Westaway, Wynne 40-44 00:38:01 03:14:29 01:57:03 05:58:45



Swait, Terry 45-49 00:38:14 03:37:49 01:54:05 06:20:27



Robertson, Tennille 25-29 00:35:49 03:15:32 01:45:46 05:46:59



Miller, Alison



03:13:07 01:48:36 05:48:42 13:23:42


Kennedy, Lauren 35-39 00:38:23 03:47:09 01:40:49 06:18:02



Hendry, Ian 40-44 00:35:39 02:53:36 01:48:38 05:24:58



Van der riet, Genelle 40-44 00:40:12 03:46:23 02:07:59 06:50:39



Jones, Doug 35-39 00:35:21 03:07:31 01:47:03 05:37:53 12:52:53

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