Terry’s 70.3 Story

About sums it Doug. This is my recollection


Register – oh dear -got an orange hospital band on my arm. Thank goodness just means I have a ticket for the w/end.

Test swim -oh dear feels like I am swimming up & down mine shafts…rather chilly too. Not sure if the shark pings are on the bouys so stayed very close to Iano….

Briefing – Oh dear -the BOOK of rules- what a load of hogwash – need a phD to comprehend all this stuff & better still have a photographic memory otherwise you are stuffed & will be in the penalty box – frequently.


Oh dear – sore throat – no second test swim.

Test cycle – oh dear – wobblier than normal -glass everywhere – seemed to carry my bike more that I rode it to start off -bike not right – Ro to the rescue – off to the mechanics to sort.

Pack bags , pack bags ..pack bags – stick numbers on everything ….oh dear what have I forgotten – Ro to the rescue again- re-arrange reorganise….repack …

Rack bike & hand in bags – oh dear – cold & wet – the organisers don’t seem to care we are standing in the rain & freezing. Walk thru transition – it is just a sea of bags – my bright orange & blue ribbons seemed to pale into nothing ….


Oh dear – 3hrs sleep -that was all I was obviously going to get. It was Ok at 1.30 am I could eat a banana – take corenza C & spray throat – would be all sorted for 7.35.

Last check of the wet soggy bags – load the bike with bottles …spend an hour getting into the wetsuit.

Warm up – what are u kidding ???….. more like Cool down to freezing point – was in an out like a shot.

The start -wave 4 (ladies) oh dear – one competitor was already swimming back having not reached the 1st bouy…… too late can’t back out now.

The swim – Oh dear .I am not climbing any mountains in the snow -this was enough – hands rigid and won’t close so swam with them open??? Tried to rinse wetsuit in the sprays – just a bit of a squeeze with 10 others doing the same..

Transition – no movement in the hands or feet… Could have had a MnB coffee in that time- wish I had!

Bike – Oh dear ….. why wasn’t I warming up ….Not being a “proper” cyclist (Doug distinguishes us between proper cyclist & those that aren’t) and yet here I was cycling in gale force winds & pelting rain … had to giggle or I would have cried.

Run. Yes -home turf ,familiarity , easy ….-oh dear – so I thought. My experience did not pull thru , expended more energy than I thought & I was depleted of carbs ….grimmaced,waved & smiled at everyone else that seemed to be cruising and enjoying themselves ??

The finish – a mild elation – yes I have finally finished ….not coming back.

But wait this race can’t get the better of me ….as B says – don’t leave those ghosts in the cupboard …see you on the road …



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