Ultra runners vs. Ironmen

From Caron:

Hi, I am not too sure who of you receives the modern athlete emails but I thought that the latest chirps were quite funny. I especially love the ironman’s opening line!!

In a nutshell,ultra runners and Ironmen triathletes have a different outlook on things…

Ironman: “Is ultra running just for fat people who can’t run very fast but have a very
high tolerance for boredom?”

Ultra Runner: “Perhaps you are right about the boredom; I am still listening to you. I run ultra marathons because they are incredibly hard and rewarding”

Ironman: “An Ironman is much harder than an ultra marathon.”

Ultra Runner: “How do you work that one out? The finish rate for an Ironman is close to 100%. Many ultra marathons have finish rates of less than 50%.”

Ironman: “An Ironman is harder because it is more difficult to make it to the start line. You need years of training in 3 different sports just to make it to the start, unlike you ultra marathon runners….”


2 Responses

  1. I have recently entered into the world of ultra running after completing 3 Ironman races. Ultra running is harder. Much. Even the training.

    BTW – I used the photo here for a blog post that will be coming out later today. I gave you credit in the body of the post.

  2. I love it Caron…… mmmm 3 years of training ?……alleviate the bordem do a crash course in 6 mths-12 mths 🙂

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