Linda is slogging the desert for Solomon’s Haven

Hey Terry,

Linda Doke is running the Namib Desert Challenge. She is running for a very worth cause which we support in Mitchels Plein. All the details are included in her email below. Would it be at all possible to post this on the Bryanston Bombers website or forward it on to all the group. Most people wont know Linda, but she was one of the original early worms and would love the support. This is WAY out of her comfort zone and is certainly going to be a challenge! She hates the heat, and has never run a self sufficient race before.



Hi Lisa,

 It’s time for me to do another one of those ridiculously long and strenuous races that I do every so often…  but this time I can add gruelling, sweaty and slog to the description. From March 27-31, I’ll be racing the Namib Desert Challenge, a five-day 220km self-sufficient run in the Namib. Temperatures will average mid-40 degrees, and distances each day will be 40-50km. (And yes, self-sufficient means carrying all food and fuel, apart from water, for the duration of the race.)

And to make this extremely daunting challenge worthwhile, I’m doing it to raise funds for charity – Solomon’s Haven.

I’ve attached the story behind Solomon’s Haven and what it’s all about, but in a nutshell Solomon’s Haven is an emergency shelter in Mitchell’s Plain, Cape Town that is home to +/-16 children, all of whom have been either abused, neglected or abandoned by their own families and referred to Solomon’s Haven by the Magistrate’s Court or the Department of Social Welfare. Maria and Alec Solomon provide a secure and loving environment that focuses on building self-esteem in preparation for the children’s eventual healthy integration into society.

Solomon’s Haven is a street miracle, plain and simple. It heals souls and changes lives. It’s an inspiration to society. And it needs all the help you and I can give it. But without outside assistance, Maria and Alec are unable to give these children the love and care they so desperately crave. Please help me to raise as much as we possibly can to help change the lives of those in need.

To raise funds for Solomon’s Haven, I’ve registered with, an online donation site through which donating is simple, fast and totally secure. It’s also the most efficient way to donate directly to where funds are needed.

Please support me in raising as much as I can for Solomon’s Haven. Here’s the deal: I’ll do the sweaty work and slog across the desert, and you click on the DONATE NOW link at the top of my backabuddy page!

HUGE thanks for your support. Remember, every bit counts, big or small.  And please help spread the word! Let’s make this fly!

Linda Doke


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