Congratulations Kerry & Comrades Info

Hi, it was great getting out and seeing a good sized group running this morning – hopefully the intervals cleared out a few cobwebs. A gentle reminder to please make sure that you are wearing white tops and reflector belts in the morning – it’s dark now and we almost had a taxi take the group out this morning.

Congratulations to Kerry on the birth of Nicole Jill Buchanan, on Mon 16th May, weighing in at a good 3.47 kg – I guess that soon Kerry will be looking for a baby jogger, so keep your ears open.

It is getting close to Comrades now, with only 11 sleeps left (you don’t count the last night!!), so here are a few things that may help you:

1. Tonight at 19h00 at RAC – in the Bowler’s lounge (behind the cricket side-screen), there is the last pre-Comrades talk. The guest speaker is Alan Robb four times winner of the Comrades Marathon and multiple Gold medallist and I believe Dave Dixon Chairman of the Comrades Marathon Association will also attend. Entrance is free

2. For those of you that haven’t heard, the drinks sponsor of Comrades is Pepsi, so you will not be getting coke at the refreshment tables, but will have Pepsi, Mountain Dew and Miranda drinks. If you are not a Pepsi drinker (I personally prefer it to Coke), I’d suggest buying a few Pepsi’s and get used to drinking it. There will also be Energade on the tables.

3. I’ve had a few requests for a Comrades Up Run Profile, so here it is:


4. Evan McLean is running Comrades again as the Sports Trust COACH mascot. Please support him in raising funds for this worthy cause. You can donate via the Back-a-Buddy website by clicking here.

5. Tomorrow, Wednesday 18th is Voter’s Day and a Holiday, so there are a few runs that I know of:

a. The normal Wednesday 15km run from Hamilton Park will be starting a bit later at 05h30

b. Dave Formby will be leading a “Voting Station” run from RAC at 07h00. This will be 12 – 15km and will visit about 8 voting stations – should be great fun.

Have fun!


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  1. There is also a Fournos coffee run at 6:30am (10km) … babies welcome!

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