Post Comrades massage, get together and runs


How are all those tired Comrades legs doing? The group was certainly smaller than pre-Comrades, but there are runners out, so make sure you come an join the group. Gill is even scheming up the next challenge – a half marathon in October

For those of you that took up Belinda Waghorn’s offer of a massage at her practice before Comrades, the massager, Morne, is back there tomorrow, Wednesday 8th June. I believe from Doug that he is pretty good. This is the right time to get a post-Comrades massage which will help with repair to the muscles and getting rid of that final soreness. Belinda’s practice is on the corner of Forbes and Republic Roads in Blairgowrie and you can book by calling Belinda on 0836785855.

Etienne has offered to host a post Comrades get-together for the Bombers (as a thank you to everyone that helped him finish Comrades in that awesome time of 9:36). He will also be heading back to France in October sometime, so this will be a good time to get to know him and his family a bit better (without the huffing and puffing). Details are still being finalised, but it looks like a brunch / lunch sometime in the first weekend in July. Watch this space.

Last Sunday, I took to the trails and did the Winter Trail Series out at Groenkloof in Pretoria. What a fantastic place to run!! Who would believe that in the middle of Pretoria there is such awesome bushveld. There are normally two distances to do, a short course of +-5km and a longer course of +-12km, so nothing too hectic. I did see Sue Naude entering on Sunday, so lets see a few more Bombers out there. This coming Sunday is the 2nd of the series (there are 4) and this is out at Hennops River (where you will see plenty of Aloes). They have also added a longer route of 20-26km for the mountain folk. You will need to enter online (click here) as there is huge demand and there are no entries on the day.

Keep warm and running…


3 Responses

  1. Dear All,
    As announced by Iano I would be very happy to have all of you at home on July 9th. This first comrade was a great experience and I owe it to all of you. I suggest we start with a 1 hour very very gentle run at 7:00. We could then have a French breakfast at 8:00 with families.

    My address is 6 Anita Lane Morningside.

    I am not very familiar with those Blog things therefore would appreciate an answer to my personal email address: just let me know many adults and how many kids would attend.

    I look forward to seeing all of you again on that occasion as I must admit to struggle to keep waking up for the 5am run.

    am I promoting the event correctly or would there be another way to send an email directly to every one?

    All the best.

    Mobile: 071 607 1924

  2. And for the women that are considering going for a massage with Morne, just be warned : go for a bikini wax and ensure that you are wearing sturdy underwear! I learnt the hard way

    • In other words, Morne is so good that you had better be prepared to have your pants knocked off….

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