Bombers Spring Run, Farewell for now and meet Jemma she’s really cute! – Saturday 3 September at 6am

Message from Denton:

Hi All

The reality of moving down to the coast at the end of November this year has hit home. I have run thousands of kilometres with some of you and only a couple with others but the contribution you have all made to my life is invaluable. So to celebrate the joy of living, new life and good friends along the way, I would be honoured if you would allow me to hijack the Bombers annual spring run to say farewell and to introduce you all to the gorgeous new babe in my life – Jemma! This will be happening from our home on Saturday 3 September 2011 at 6:00am.

The plan is to do a very easy 10Km max (shorter if I can help it!) and have breakfast afterwards if you are able to stay. You need to bring yourself and all the hangers on you can find! Kids bikes, baby joggers and dogs are all welcome. Some juice if you are a guy and something to eat if you are a girl. If you aren’t sure give Iano a shout and I’m sure he will help you decide ie whether to bring food or juice – not to decide whether you are a guy or a girl!

You will need an access code to get in so please let me know and send me your mobile number so I can sms you a code closer to the time.

My address is 11 Kareeboom Avenue Fourways Gardens. Take William Nichol past Fourways Mall. At the Leaping Frog centre turn left into Uranium road. At the next set of robots turn right into Bushwillow. At the circle first left into Fourways Gardens Phase 1. Enter your access code to get through the boom. At the next circle first left into Kareeboom. Number 11 is the second house on your right. My mobile is 0828047274 if you need to call.

Hope to see you all there in numbers!




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