Weekend Races


For those of you who have noticed, you will have seen that the Bombers are now on Twitter @BryanstonBombrs (note the spelling) and the latest news is being tweeted on the Blog. IF you are on Twitter, then follow us. We are also on Facebook as Bryanston Bombers. So if you have any news that you’d like to share, please use these pages.

This weekend is a big running one – Leigh has been diligently training the group for the Hunters Challenge that is in Pretoria on Saturday. And from the few times I’ve been running on a Tuesday, I’m really amazed at how well everyone is running. So, best of luck to Leigh, Gill, Izelle, Ilse, Megan and Kerry-Lynn (hey, where are the guys? Doug, Dave, Mark, Etienne … why don’t you go too).

For me this weekend, I’m sitting looking at the mountains that surround me and am contemplating running up and over them for the next 3 days – fheew. I’m doing a new trail race called the Golden Gate Challenge (www.Goldengatechallenge.co.za ) and it is set in the beautiful Golden Gate Highlands Park on the Lesotho border of the Free State.

For the tech savvy of us, I’ll be tweeting how the race is going from @BryanstonBombrs and on the trend #GoldenGateChallenge. I also run with my cellphone and have an application on my phone called Endomondo (www.endomondo.com) where you can see where I am on the trail – in real-time! Quite a nifty app – I’d suggest everyone using it, both from an interest point of view, but also from a safety point of view. (I’ve been tracking Bridget and Terry walking in the mornings).

Leigh asked me to let everyone know that she is doing a collection for the guards at BMC who look after our cars while we go running each morning. We have been fortunate for the last few years that BMC has allowed us to park in the parking lot at no cost. It is a privilege and as a way of saying thank you, we have for the past few years done a collection for the guards and then Allie has given this to the guards. So over the next few weeks, please bring something (whatever you feel comfortable paying) and give it to Leigh (or Gill).

Have a fantastic weekend. I’ll be running (and tweeting) so follow me if you’d like

Cheers Iano


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