Bombers 2012 Program is out

Hi Everyone

I would like to take this chance to wish everybody a happy and a safe holiday. If you are going away please travel safely, don’t overindulge (too much), try and train a little bit (20 mins 3 times a week will help you maintain your fitness).

On that note, Gill has been hard at work (as usual) preparing a training program for the next 6 months. So as of last Tuesday, the plans up until Comrades on the 3rd of June 2012 have been drawn up. You can see what is happening here and can download the program to put up on your fridge!! It is complete with races for 2012 (RAC Club Runs have been added to this version).

This weekend, if you are around, there is a memorial run in memory of runners who have lost their lives on our roads. It is from the News Cafe in Rivonia, starts at 06:30 and consists of a 10 mile and 5 mile race. I believe it is also hosted by Morningside, who some of the Bombers belong to. Click here for details.

Have fun.


2 Responses

  1. Gill, thank you so much for putting this programme together… I know how much work it takes. Now we just have to do it…..
    Thanks also to you and Ian for keeping this group together! Its so great to know that there is always such a special group of people to run with. Have a Happy Chrtistmas and a great holiday with your familiets.

  2. Many thanks Iano and Gill for all your hard work throughout the year. Have a wonderful festive season Nicki Ryder

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