Update from the Salt Rock Slacker and Comrades Berg Training Run – 5 – 6 May 2012

From Denton:

Hi All

Just to let you know that all is alive and well at the Bombers newly established branch in Salt Rock Kwazulu-Natal. The minute I can recruit just one more runner we will change our name to the Salt Rock Slackers. At the rate I’m going this could take a while! I am pleased to report that our only member did us proud at the local time trials, last week, by placing 8th in the 8km time trial despite some really stiff competition. If you are thinking there were only 8 runners Iano & Doug you are both wrong. There were 10!

On a more serious note I have mentioned to some of you that I am planning to do my Comrades long training run in the Berg from the Drakensberg Gardens Hotel on Saturday 5th May. I would love some company! It is a spectacular 58km run from the hotel to the main road and back. The road is quiet enough for partners, children and spouses to second you on bikes and in cars. There is the Drakensberg Gardens Hotel, two time share resorts, self catering accommodation, the Parks Board Camp site and a private caravan park all nearby. I am still waiting to see if we can get discounted rates from the hotel.

The plan is to do the run on Saturday and then have the weekend to relax and enjoy the Berg with family and friends. We could also do dinner at the hotel on Saturday night. The resort is 30km from Underberg and about 7 hours from Joburg so you will probably need to leave Joburg around lunch time on Friday to arrive in time for supper.

I would like to get an indication of who would be keen to give it a bash. If you are keen please email me on dentonmuil@gmail.com and let me know how many of you and what accommodation option you prefer.

Your mate in running


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