News from Etienne in France

From Etienne:


I hope you are well combining work, family and leisure activities with success.

Some news from Avignon. The family adjusted well. They enjoy the independance you can have when leaving a small town where transport is easy: walk or ride your bike.

On my side I will be leaving my employer McCormick on June 22nd. I bought a small company in the building industry. I will be supplying flat glass to the artisans or individuals. It employs 14 persons. This is a very new start, quiet far from the corporate world.

I am still running 40-50k a week. I haven’t yet found a group as nice as the Bombers but does it exist? I resumed mountaineering. I was very lucky three weeks ago to survive an avalanche. I was with a group of 7, 5 of us were taken by the avalanche. It is incredible. Just like a huge wave. Fortunately I wasn’t buried at the end. Thanks to the electronic sensors we have been able to find quickly enough one guy who was totally buried. The guy had been burried for 6-7 minutes. Quiet frightening. It seems my wife won’t allow me to go up there before long.

Are you still tough with the group? I hope so, they won’t regret it.

Wish all the best to the Comerade runners. I will think of them on the day.

Regards and hoping to see some of you in France one day.


Mobile: +33 6 26 87 11 37


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