No silver, but lots of gold

8 June 2012

I have been both inspired and humbled by the generosity of my friends. Words cannot properly express my emotions at this point. The race is done and the pain will fade, but your kindness and support will remain forever. Thank you.

I have been dreading writing this update, because I failed in what I thought was my primary goal, the achievement of a silver medal – I finished the race in 7h56, not even close to the 7h30 target. The honest truth is that I am shattered – frustrated, disappointed and generally confused – by what happened last Sunday. I had a perfect build up to the day, did the hard yards in training and felt good on the morning. The truth is that I couldn’t get it done and have no excuses.

A couple of days’ perspective has lead me to the understanding that, in fact, Sunday was about way more than my finishing time:

· Firstly and most importantly, together we raised more than R170 000, and we are not done – it is not too late to make a contribution!

· Then, I had the privilege of running this incredible race, something so few people will ever get to experience.

· And finally I made some lifelong friends along the way; to Brad and Dave, for whom I have the utmost respect as people and runners, congratulations on achieving your silvers. It could not have happened to two nicer or more deserving guys. Iano and Lauren, we know a little more about what’s required and I remain steadfast in my determination to wrap my sweaty hand around one in the future. Geoff, to have you come all the way to support me meant so much, and then you had to watch me tank! Thank you all for sharing your journey with me.

In reality, though, this was never about me, or Comrades, it was about the youth of Kliptown. And boy, do they have their “gold”, thanks to you!


So now is the time to make good on your pledge; if you haven’t already paid (and thanks to all who have) please transfer the funds into this account:

Investec – Grayston Branch Code 580105

Acc number 10011077125

Acc holder DBD Jones

REF: “YourName KYP”

Please don’t forget the reference, I need it to track things.

S18A Certificates

Each and every person who makes a payment will receive a S18A receipt in their name, for the amount paid. You can use this to claim a tax deduction.

The Library

I have some ideas for the design of the Mobile Library and can’t wait for you all to see the final version. Sneak peak: if you make a donation, you will be featured!

The Bubbles and Grog

I will be doing the draw for the Veuve Cliquot and Chivas next Saturday (June 16). You have to have made payment by Friday, June 15 in order to participate. Remember, each R100 donated gets you one ticket!

Thank you again for your time, your emotional and financial support and for your encouragement in this journey. It truly has been a privilege.




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