Hello my special running friends

From Elaine in Perth:

Hello All,

Its been two sleeps and two days and if I was truly honest, I would say two sleeps and two days to long.

What a shock and don’t get me wrong. I know that this move was my idea, me pushing my family, but believe me when the reality faces you in the face, it is not pleasant. Have to be strong as I don’t have any tears left in this body – so it’s a case of put on a brave face and move forward.

Had a good flight, apartment is on the 11th floor of a building in the main street of Perth. It is comfy and one has a side view of the Swan River. Derrick started his new job on Monday and is enjoying it. Liam and I have done the free bus rides up and down the main road of Perth, to do some shopping at the local Woollies (not nearly in the SA version’s league). Have taken the train to my friend who lives North of Perth. Both the bus and the train experiences were very pleasant, on time, clean and well maintained. Life here in Perth is very expensive, from buying groceries to have a quick cup of coffee.

The family and I are still not quite in the Perth time zone – watching the free to air tv offerings until 1am and then not able to wake up before 7H30. So needless to say have not been out for a run or cycle. Need to get my A into G.

I miss you guys so much – actually I miss everything back in JHB. Enjoy




One Response

  1. Hi Elaine, welcome to Aus!! I am up in Brisbane and started working after 5 months. Give it time and you’ll be fine. Good luck. Andrew

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