Helpers needed for RAC Tough One

Hi Bombers

This coming month of November is quite a busy month, with events happening each weekend:

1. Sunday 4th – Soweto Marathon

2. Sunday 11th – RAC Worker’s Run

3. Sunday 18th – 94.7 Cycle Challenge

4. Sunday 25th – RAC Tough One

For those who run for RAC, now is a great time to give back to the club and help with the organisation of the main race for the year, the RAC Tough One (otherwise know in Bombing circles as the RAC Easy One).

Why don’t we get together and put a group to run the Worker’s run on the 11th and then help with the main race? There are many ways to help on the 25th November:

· Janine and the Early Worms have for many years put on a water table at the 17km mark. You could help there – it is great fun and usually the water table with the best vibe!

· If your organisation skills are great, Janine is looking for someone to take on the organisation of the table as she is not able to this year

· You could help marshalling at one of the intersections.

· You could help with taking entries and at the start of the race.

· There is a lot of work that needs to be done on the Saturday before the race

Some of the benefits of running the Worker’s run on the 11th November are that

· You don’t need to enter the race – just pitch!

· You also don’t need to pay for your entry!!

· And your race is timed and counts in the Tough One (I mean Easy One) results.

See you on the road soon.




2 Responses

  1. Ah the Tough One – great memories – especially the FINISH !!

    • Hi Andrew.

      How are you and how is everything going in the land down under?

      You’d be sad to hear that they changed the finish of the Tough One to finish the same as the 10k.

      Keep well.

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