Road Safety – ID Bracelets

Hi Bombers

Here is a good reminder on why it is important to keep safe on the roads and to be prepared.

And as it gets darker in the mornings, make sure you are visible – wear white shirts and a reflector band.

The mail below was sent out in the Nedbank Runners Guide, recently:

Road Safety – extract from Nedbank Runner’s Guide Newsletter
We are constantly bombarded with news of runners, cyclists, sporting enthusiasts and bikers having horrible and sometimes fatal accidents while out doing what they love best. These are followed by queries as to whether anyone knows the person wearing red shoes on a certain road, at a certain time and could they please contact the family urgently. At large events this can be mayhem – a friend of ours had a serious crash at a major event and her cellphone was smashed in the fall. As she was unconscious she was taken to hospital – her family were in a tizz as she never arrived at the finish line and then the desperate calls to all the hospitals to see if anyone matching her description had been admitted. I am sure not a process that anyone would like to endure again!

We chatted to Patrick Baransky, Nedbank Sponsorship Manager, about sport road accidents, he had the following to say, "I had ID bracelets made for my whole family to wear when out training or at events". This means that if something happens while on the road or if his children get lost at events then at least the person that finds them has all the tools needed to react quickly with the right information. As road safety is a cause close to our heart we asked Patrick to write a note about how to get safety ID bracelets. Below is Patrick’s letter to us all:

Dear runner, cyclist or sporting enthusiasts

Have you considered your safety when you are out exercising? Can a good Samaritan assist you should they come to your assistance and you can’t speak for yourselves?

Is there a way to contact your loved-ones? Do your training partners even know your next-of-kin contact details?

Perhaps you should consider exercising with a form of identification. While there are various solutions, two versions readily available and worthy of consideration are: or

Both have slightly different ways of connecting the dots, and both are cost effective solutions worthy of attention.

A cheap alternative are dog-tags with key contact and medical details, on your person or tied to shoes

Stay safe and happy exercising.

Patrick Baransky
Nedbank Sponsorship Manager


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