Lesotho Ultra Trail Run – 30 November

The inaugural Lesotho Ultra Trail Run takes place on 30 November, it’s Africa’s first sanctioned Ultra Skymarathon (sanctioned by the International Skyrunning Federation) and the plan is for it to be a part of the 2014 international Skyrunning circuit, after this year’s inaugural run.

This press release provides info on it: http://skyrunningsa.blogspot.com/2013/03/skyrunning-hits-southern-africa-with.html

The race is in the Tsehlanyane National Park and starts/finishes at Maliba lodge (a 5 star lodge where most people would stay). It’s 68km with 3440m of ascent, with the highest point being at 3100m. Not easy… but an incredible place to run!

A few of the top international skyrunners are coming out for it too.

Entries open on 1 May, mostly in the form of packages. The top package will be with 2 nights’ accommodation at the lodge, and includes food etc – for about R3900. Cheaper options include camping at the lodge, or staying at B&B’s nearby (closest one is 30/40kms away though) – in which case you’ll pay about R700 for the race entry.

Andrew Booth is organising this, contact him at the below for more info:

Email: andrew

Tel: 082 603 4098

To keep up to date with entries, etc, see the race website/twitter account (below), or contact Andrew.

Websites of relevance are:

http://lesothoultratrail.com/ – the race website that will soon be more detailed

http://maliba-lodge.com/ – the lodge

http://www.skyrunning.com/ – sky running website

@LesothoUltra – if you do twitter


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