Final RAC Comrades Talks

Hi Bombers

Evan McLean has put on some really fantastic pre-Comrades talks this year and here is the schedule for the final 3 talks before this year’s Comrades. I would really suggest that you make the effort to attend these talks:

Final RAC Comrades talks agenda is as follows:

1. Tuesday 23rd April – Paula Quinsee (Comrades Silver medallist, completed 9 marathons in 9 weeks in 9 provinces, recently cycled from Sun City to Cape Town and completed the African-X trail run)

2. Tuesday 7th May – Redi Thlabi (talk show host and 702 presenter who has completed multiple comrades marathons)

3. Tuesday 21st May – Arnie Gheerts (Comrades Silver medallist & Gold medallist coach, renowned for his pre-Comrades visualisation sessions and TV sports presenter).

All talks will begin at 19h00 in the Old Parktonians Bowls Club House (behind the white cricket screen) after the Tuesday time trial.

See you there?


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