Comrades Accommodation available

Hi Bombers

Hope all the training is going well for Comrades.

I saw quite a few people (Megan, Caron, Nicki, Mandy, John, Ali…) running the RAC looong run yesterday – how awesome was the new route?? When you see Vreni, please make sure you compliment her on it – she put together the route herself in-between darting off to London for the London Marathon. And how big was the field – at least 1,000 or 1,200 runners!!

There are a few notices that I’ve been asked to make:

1. Today is Caron birthday, so if you see her, wish her well.

2. Comrades accommodation available:

a. Saturday 1st Durban – I have a spare double room accommodation within walking distance of the start

b. Sunday 2nd Pietermaritzburg – Janine has a friend who has a spare double room accommodation at the finish.

3. Ali has asked me to come and do some of the Bombers morning runs again – apparently there is a “lack of discipline during the speed sessions …” Ali – I’ll come and check this out J

Comrades runners, enjoy the last few weeks leading up to the race. Here is a list of some of the races:

1. Wed 1st May – Wally Haywood Marathon – last chance to get a qualifying time

2. Sat 4th May – 32Gi Hyde Park 8km Colour Run – a new exciting run organised by Megan Davey

3. Sat 5th May Colgate 32 km & 15 km

4. Sun 11th May – South African Pork Kwai Half Marathon & 10 km – at Randburg Harriers

5. Sun 19th May – RAC The Sweat Shop/Asics 10 km (Note: If you run for RAC, but are not running this, please come and help – this is a huge race and there are always helpers needed!!?

Have fun running!!




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  1. Hi Bryanston Bombers,
    I would like to join your running group in the mornings, I belong to Morningside Running Club & my usual training partners are hibernating! I would like to know how strong the group is, the pace you run at etc. Could someone kindly get back to me. I would be most grateful. My name is Sarah and email address is

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