Comrades is around the corner…

Hi Bombers

Only 10 more sleeps until Comrades (the last night doesn’t count!!). So how is everyone feeling?

Please please please, let me know what your race number is if you are running (comment on this post). I don’t know all the new runners, so please help me!

For those of you that we’re at Arnie Gheerts Visualization talk, how awesome was that!! I made a few points that may be of interest:

  1. 1. From now on measure everything you do. Don’t do anything more than you need to!
    2. The training effect really kicks in after 10 days, so after today it is too late.
    3. Don’t do or try anything new – we all know that, right ??
    4. Check your running shoes, laces, put on your chip, now!! (Cut your toenails!)
    5. Run the tangents of the corners (the insides of the corners) – on the up run it has been calculated that this can save you 500m, which on a Bill Rowan pace is 3 minutes!!
    6. Start visualizing your finish time. For a Bill Rowan medal that is 2:27 pm, so to get you into the right frame, set an alarm every day from now till next Saturday at that time and take a few minutes to stop in your day and think where you will be on race day (and it had better be running down those last 60 meters on the grass!!).
    7. Get to the start with loads of time to spare (the last up run I was so late I couldn’t get into my pen – don’t be like me then).
    8. Get a copy of the soundtrack to Chariots of Fire (or the movie) to fire you up.
    9. Draw inspiration from the faces of all the people that are out along the route to support you. And be there where you are – so often our mind is ahead of where we are.
    10. When it gets really tough, think of it like this:
    You are the conductor on a bus. Mr Pain gets on. Greet him:

“Hello Mr Pain, get on, but I want to tell you something, you a welcome to get on this bus, but I am the conductor! I am in charge!! Now take a seat in the back and shut up! We are off to Maritzburg!”

Running Charities!
Last year Doug raised something ridiculous like R200k to build a library. Not everyone can do that, but if you are running for a cause, let us know so we can get the word out. There are so many good causes out there.

And here is a challenge to all the Bombers running Comrades:

I am sure that most of you will have heard of Brad Brown, well known as a 94.7 DeeJay. Not too long ago, Brad weighed in at 165 odd kgs (I met him then and he was huge!). He now weights in at about 100 kgs and has done a number of full Ironman races (common Roan) and Comrades – to say he has turned his life around is huge (excuse the pun) – he is a sports nut now (like us all).

So Brad is running this little “betting” charity 🙂 Lets call it “Put your money where your mouth is!!” All you need to do is predict your time, or any other runner’s time (don’t forget to send me your race number)
You then email Brad your prediction with a pledge to pay R100 per pledge and with each pledge you nominate your own charity.
What then happens is that after race day, Brad works out who is the closest to their prediction and then that person’s nominated charity gets everything!
How awesome is that?

Details can be found here:

Well it’s my bedtime now.

I look forward to getting your race numbers!!

Cheers Iano


5 Responses

  1. Thanks, Iano!
    My race no: 57234

  2. Thanks to everyone for all the encouragement ,support and advice !To all the comrades running :Good luck !I hope you reach your goals!!!My race number is 25041 Iano,please can you send me Arnie s visualization?Thanks .Enjoy your day .Ilse

  3. Hi Iano. My number is 15600. See you all next week! x Lauren

  4. Thanks Iano and Gill for all the support and advice. Wishing all the Bombers a great race. My race number is 20051. See you on the road to Pietermaritzburg Nicki

  5. Good Luck, God speed and take care comrades……….!!

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