Braamfontein Spruit & Delta Park Clean-up – 20 July

Hi Bombers

Here are a couple of great opportunities for you to do good with 67 minutes of Community Service for Mandela’s birthday:

1. This coming Saturday, 20th July at 08h00, the Bryanston Community is arranging a clean-up of the Spruit, starting at the Belgrave low-level bridge that goes from Bryanston to River Club. This is where the 5 km Bombers Time-trial starts from. .The Spruit is well used by trail runners and cyclists and by helping to clean up the Spruit, you will be helping to make it a bit more pleasurable to use – and safer too!! You can find out more details from here on

2. Also on Saturday 20th July at 09h00, the Blairgowrie Community Association is arranging a clean-up of the Bird Sanctuary at Delta Park. The Bird Park is right in the centre of Delta Park, next to the start of the 5km Delta Park Run (which starts at 08h00 on a Saturday, so you can still get your run in and come and help). Runners will also pass the Bird Sanctuary on almost every RAC Club Run. You can find out more details here on

Both the Spruit and Delta Park are valuable resources to us living in Joburg, so I’d suggest you really try to help at one of these initiatives. It is also a great way to teach your kids the importance of ‘giving back’.

Have an awesome week.




5 Responses

  1. Hi

    Thank you for the below. Can you give me some more info on your weekly time trials, where, when, distance etc?

    Regards Craig

    • Craig, time trials are not weekly. They are done as part of a Comrades or Oceans program to measure progress – typically on a monthly basis.

  2. Thanks Iano !

  3. Thanks Iano for advertising the clean up
    Have a good week

    Nicki Ryder
    Team Administrator

    C +2783 388 0536

    [Qhubeka eMail Signature]

    • It is a pleasure Nicki

      Kind Regards

      Nedbank is proud to be Africa’s first carbon-neutral bank and official conservation partner of the WWF-SA.

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