Throw off your Winter Woolies and join us for a SPRINGclean run – Sunday 1st September at 6:30

Message from Leigh:

Hi, it is time for the Annual Spring Run, and seeing as Denton is not longer around to host it, I’m taking over!!

A friend of Bryanston Bombers is starting a running group in Ivory Park as folk there are really keen to run but can’t afford kit, taxi fares etc. There is a real need to focus on something positive…like running! So please spring clean your cupboards and bring your old running shoes or clothes and give them to either Leigh or Jules on or before 1 September. Of course any new items will be gratefully accepted. Thanks.


When: Sunday 1st September – 6:30

Where: Leigh’s place – 6 Cadogan Road, Bryanston

How far: 15 km

Entrance Fee: 1 running item

Please RSVP to Leigh by commenting on this post.

PPS: There will be some muffins and juice for after the run so that everyone can catch up.


4 Responses

  1. Will be there, thanks Leigh

  2. Sounds great, Leigh let us know what else to bring!

  3. Hi all

    Pls note there will be something to eat and drink after the run, so stay awhile and catch up with everyone!


  4. Hi all

    Jules reminded me and I forgot but muffins and juice will be provided after the run for everyone to stay and catch up!

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