MJ – Request for Refilwe Community Project (please see if you can help)

7 November 2013

Hello everyone

It’s that time of year again and I come ‘hat in hand’ to ask for a donation in the form of a small gift for a child at Refilwe Community Project, a home for orphaned, abandoned and abused children where I do play therapy and counseling.

We have decided to give the children, 35 in total, a small Xmas party on 30 November. I am going to do party packs but we thought it would be more special if each child received an age appropriate gift. If you are able it will be greatly appreciated but the maximum to be spent is R25. Some suggestions are a bar of soap and a toothbrush or deodorant and a pen or a hair clip and lip ice. I attach a wish list from the foster parents for more ideas. Thanks everyone but please don’t feel obliged.




Hi Marjane,

I hope this message finds you well! Finally, I have the list of children for you. So sorry about the delay! Unfortunately we are closing from the 13th December. Are there any other dates you are able to come out? I also attached the wish list for the God parent program just to give you a few ideas.

I look forward to hearing from you! Have a lovely day!!!

Melissa Beachy Head | Community Development and PR Manager
Email: melissa

God parent project needs list:

Household needs (8 households):

· Single bed and mattresses

· Bunk beds

· Bedding for single and double beds in good condition

· Toilet paper

· Tissues

· Laundry detergent

· Bath and hand towels, wash cloths

· Shower curtains

· Kitchen towels

· Pots and pans (large size)

· Trash bags

· Napkins

· Cleaning supplies (floor, kitchen, table cleaner, etc.)

· Any electrical appliance in good working condition

Medical supplies: (not expired)

· First Aid kits

· Band-Aids

· Latex gloves

· Cold/ice packs

· Hand sanitizer

· Children’s Multi-vitamin

· Panado, Cough Syrup

· Scots Emulsion

· Bio-Strath


• Toothpaste / Toothbrushes

• Deodorant

• Soap

• Body cream

• Shampoo and Conditioner

• Dark and Lovely Moisturiser and Hair Food


• Girls underwear (ages 4-18 — new, please)

• Boys underwear (ages 4-18 — new, please)

• Girls pants (ages 4-18 — lightly worn)

• Boys pants (ages 4-18 — lightly worn)

• Girls tops (ages 4-18 — lightly worn)

• Boys shirts (ages 4-18 — lightly worn)

• Socks (boys and girls)

• Hats and gloves

School wear:

• Grey pants, short and long (boys) – (ages 4-18 — lightly worn)

• White shirts (winter and summer) – (ages 4-18 — lightly worn)

• School shoes (boys and girls) – (ages 4-18 — lightly worn)

School stationary:

· Pens, pencils, erasers

· Coloring pens

· Crayons

· Rulers

· Backpacks and Pencil cases (boys and girls)

· Student A4 note pad

· Glue sticks

Art supply and Toy needs:

• Dolls

• Children’s chairs

• Housekeeping furniture (small tables and chairs, stoves, refrigerators, plastic dishes and plastic food)

• Puzzles

• Children’s reading books – good conditions

• Table toys (any toy children can play with at the table)

• Art supplies (fingerpaint, wiggly eyes, feathers, large buttons, cotton balls, coffee filters, etc.)

• Beads and string

• Glue sticks

• Construction paper (all colors)

• Gym equipment (balls, small basket ball hoops, etc.)

• Paintbrushes (chubby size)

• Sand (for sand tables)

• Sidewalk chalk

• Glitter

• Crayons

• Markers

• Paint smocks (children’s size)

• Face paint

Great to have items:

• CD players

• Shed (to store outside equipment)

· Computers/Laptops (in good working condition)

GPP Children’s profiles

Female / Male Birthdates Age
Male John 1
Female Riri 4
Female Katy 5
Female Lolly 5
Female Meisie 5
Male Petrus 7
Female Naledi 7
Female Zuki 7
Female Sylvia 7
Female Tshepi 8
Female Osego 8
Female Kgatliso 9
Male Jeremy 10
Female Maria 10
Female Refilwe 10
Female Clodette 11
Female Mantwa 11
Female Thembi 12
Male Liam 14
Male Trust 14
Male Phetulo 16
Female Elisa 16
Male Sibusiso 19
Female Seipati 19
Female Nomvula 18
Male Lawrence 18
Female Tumi 18
Male Pontso 18
Male Michael 20
Female Michelle 20
Male Erin 14
Male Ulrich 11
Female Anya 10
Female Vela 5
Female Angie 4
Female Bella 4
Female Oratile 13
Male Owame 8
Female Olerato 7
Female Nako 7
Male Mogapi 5
Male Otshepihile 2

Refilwe Community Project MJ please support.docx


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