Comrades race numbers

Hi Bombers

With only 19 sleeps (you don’t count the last night) to go to Comrades, please could everyone who is running let me know your race numbers and what your plans are for the race.

Enjoy the taper now….

Iano (The new captain of G-Batch)

“You can if you think you can.” – Norman Vincent Peale


5 Responses

  1. Hi Iano My race number is 42405 Traveling to comrades with Graeme All the best Jenni

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  2. Hi

    Congrats on your new promotion – think you may just be a tad over qualified for the job!!!!

    My number is 37370.

    If I don’t see you before – Have a great race. Can only be better than last year.

    Rgds, Lianne


  3. 5900 if you wait for me you wil get to watch the entire race not just a few hours of it!!

  4. My name is MADHAV JOSHI, Comrade BIB no is 13769, representing INDIA. Please let me know more about the plans to be made on D Day. I want to try sub 11 but if not at least sub 12 for sure.

  5. Hi Iano

    My race number is 22495.

    I plan to run the first half at 6min / km and then see how I feel.



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