New Bombers Facebook Group


How is the Comrades and Oceans training going?

I’ve created a new Bombers Facebook Group for everyone to keep in touch on. It is a closed group so only members can see what is talked about on the group. 

Search for it in Facebook and ask to join.

I have also deleted the Bombers Facebook page, so if you liked that, you won’t find it now. Please join the new group. 

Hope to see you all on the road sometime soon. 

Cheers Iano 


5 Responses

  1. I’m away for the next few days so I hope I, or someone else, will see your reply😄

  2. Hi Karabo
    We are not a club, just a group of runners who run together in Bryanston
    We meet at Bryanston Methodist Church at 5am during the week; sometimes on a Wednesday and Friday a group will do a loop before at 4.30am;
    Tuesday’s and Thursday’s are Quality sessions including intervals, Hills etc; Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are ‘easy’ runs which can average about 5.30 mins/km; we try not to leave anyone behind and will fetch, but we do like to fit in 10kms during the hour; we try finish promptly at 6am; weekends are ad hoc and usually planned via whatsapp; its a very informal group
    Message me if you need to know any more!

  3. Hi. I would like to join the Bryanston Bombers club. I already run in the area and would like to join the club.

  4. I tried to join your page on fb but I am waiting for my request to be accepted so that I may see the running schedule

  5. I live in the Bryanston area and wouldlike to join the Bryanston Bombers.

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