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Final RAC Comrades Talks

Hi Bombers

Evan McLean has put on some really fantastic pre-Comrades talks this year and here is the schedule for the final 3 talks before this year’s Comrades. I would really suggest that you make the effort to attend these talks:

Final RAC Comrades talks agenda is as follows:

1. Tuesday 23rd April – Paula Quinsee (Comrades Silver medallist, completed 9 marathons in 9 weeks in 9 provinces, recently cycled from Sun City to Cape Town and completed the African-X trail run)

2. Tuesday 7th May – Redi Thlabi (talk show host and 702 presenter who has completed multiple comrades marathons)

3. Tuesday 21st May – Arnie Gheerts (Comrades Silver medallist & Gold medallist coach, renowned for his pre-Comrades visualisation sessions and TV sports presenter).

All talks will begin at 19h00 in the Old Parktonians Bowls Club House (behind the white cricket screen) after the Tuesday time trial.

See you there?

Comrades Inspiration

From Lauren: Only three days out from the 2012 Comrades Marathon. Here is some inspiration for those running and an explanation for those not. I’m not sure where this comes from but I thought I would share it with you:

It begins at the break of a new day, that one day each year, where a special band of people, that select few. Of every gender, every race, every creed, every age, from every walk of life, and from every corner of the earth, come together. They are here to begin a journey, that, at its conclusion, no matter how far they have travelled, every single one will have been defined. Whether we finish the race or not, it is the fact that we stood shoulder to shoulder at the starting line, that makes us winners. True winners of this auspicious occasion. There is not one, when the sun sets on that day, that will not stand tall. In amongst the fastest, and the slowest, can say with pride, that they took part in that day of days, the race of races….. The Comrades Marathon. It is not just a race, it’s much more than a race, it is a mountain which every single participant will attempt to cross, to summit, or to conquer. It’s a life changing event, one in which everyone will dig deep into their human reserves, in order to overcome some of the biggest obstacles and challenges that each and everyone will ever face in their lives. And on that day, whether they are running against the clock, or running to their own beat, each one is a giant, giants among men. This is more than merely a seething mass of humanity, who come together on that appointed day. This is 14000 champions, 14000 winners, 14000 heroes, each and everyone there to take part, and to realise everyone else’s dreams, aspirations, their hopes and their goals. All to become one with one another. There are those who will make is laugh, those who will make us cry, and some that will make us blush, and so many that will make us proud. It is here we learn the meaning of heroism, the meaning of respect for each other, and the true understanding of sacrifice. We discover that to help a fellow athlete or friend, is indeed to help ourselves. Whilst kilometres fall away behind us, it is the road that lies ahead that makes us true to ourselves, and make us true individuals. Everyone’s personal best is measured not in time, but in endurance, and also in the belief of ones own abilities, no matter how small or brave that individual might be. The ones that stand tall on that day are each and everyone. Those that end their race, whether is be in pain or glory, will carry those traits like medals forever. And to those who venture out on this occasion for the very first time, with a fleet or heavy footing, are to discover that this is not a race or a marathon, it is a journey, a journey of discovery. On in search of ones inner self. A day in your life you can proudly say, that you have taken part in one of the most gruelling challenges know to man. The Ultimate Human Race. To the true Comrades, they will have found that all have become one and are revered by all. And that in its self is the miracle called the Comrades Marathon. The greatest ultra marathon event in the world.

(via Lauren Hester Calenborne)

Comrades Running Quote

To All the Comrades Runners 2012,

Here is a quote for today:

“Games require skill. Running requires endurance, character, pride, physical strength, and mental toughness. Running is a test, not a game. A test of faith, belief, will, and trust in one’s self. So hardcore that it needs a category all to itself to define the pain. When game players criticize, it’s because they aren’t willing to understand, not because they’re stronger. Running is more than a sport; it’s a lifestyle. If you have to ask us why we run, you’ll never understand, so just accept.” – Jessica Propst

Stay well ……. for your big day.

Kind Regards
Gillian Whittal

Can’t miss event – our own Sue Harrisberg on Comrades

Remember that Sue Harrisberg – 12 Bill Rowans from 12 starts! – will be sharing her knowledge on Comrades at RAC this evening.

Starts after the RAC Time Trial. Let’s give her our support!

Also, Prof. Tim Noakes will be speaking on Tuesday 22nd May, also at RAC. Should be fascinating.

(Sneak peak: Arnie Geerdts is lined up to do his famous Comrades Visualisation at the same event. If you haven’t experienced this yet I can highly recommend it!)

2011 Comrades Talks at RAC


Caron has some more valuable info those of us wanting to run the 2011 Comrades Marathon.

Comrades Talks at Old Parks on Tuesdays at 7pm

Feb 8 – Ian Laxton – Comrades History

Feb 22 – Dave Wright – Personal diary, training, goals

March 8 – Redi Tlhabi – A woman’s perspective

March 22 – Arni Geerdts – Motivation (a really good talk – a must!!)

April 5 – Erni Welch – Medical side, drugs and all

April 19 – Paula Quincy – Mental Approach

May 3 – Tony Dearling – The course

May 17 – Alan Robb – Running the race

These talks are really valuable, both for seasoned campaigners as well as Novices & I’d urge you to attend. They take place after the Tuesday Time trial and are usually in the Bowling Clubhouse.

For directions to RAC, click here


Comrades 2010


Comrades is getting close – only 36 sleeps to go (you don’t count the last night). For those of you that did your long run last weekend – enjoy the  taper. For those of us doing our long run this weekend, enjoy, the taper starts on Monday. I’ve heard that Denton and Terry managed to find a flight to London, but Gill is still looking (lets all pray she does). The London Marathon is on Sunday and is usually televised, so make sure you watch. It is likely to be a bumper of a race up front.

Here is an article written by Denis Kennedy, who has done 20 odd Comrades Marathons. He gets into a lot of detail about the race – read it slowly and use it to build up a mental picture of your race (try playing Chariots of Fire in the background too). Thanks to Leigh, Phil and Doug for sending this to me.

If you haven’t sent in your quyalifying race details – the deadline is Monday 26th April. Last race to qualify is Jackie Gibson this weekend.

Cheers Iano